WARMER MIXTAPES #337 | by Svala Björgvinsdóttir aka Kali (Svala/Scope/Bubbleflies) of Steed Lord

1. Bryan Ferry | Slave To Love
I remember seeing the video for the song when I was very young in Iceland. The video was so beautiful and elegant and the models look so stunning. The song is kinda sad but full of nostalgia and sweetness. I especially remember when Bryan is being chased by photographers and he's trying to get to his little baby daugther to hold her and put her to sleep. The photographers give him privacy and leave him be. I thought that scene was so touching and it reminded me of me and my dad. This song is my all time favourite. I can't get enough of it. It's perfect songwriting.

2. deadmau5 + Kaskade | I Remember
I heard this song last year when we were at Electric Daisy Carnival, which is a huge rave in L.A. where we live now. There were probably 150 thousand people there and this song came on and it just gave me goosebumps and I remember feeling so happy and young and alive in that very moment. Looking over all these people under the stars in the night dancing to electronic music, it was magic. It's a somber song with a lot of heart and soul in it. The words are very poignant.

3. Alison Krauss & Union Station | New Favourite
I adore Alison and her voice. I love her music. This song is especially close to me cause it brings back all kinds of memories, good and bad. I am always drawn to kinda sad and melancholy sounding music. I don't know why. Sorrow is always kinda alluring. It's just a beautiful and perfect song. It's raw and her vocals are very minimal and up close.

4. Björk | Hyperballad
Oh how this song has inspired me through the years. It's just so pretty and magical. I love the album Post and it was a huge part of my life when it first came out. I was a teenager singing and writing music with my band in Iceland at the time. We performed at the same festival as Björk in Iceland and I remember being so proud and honoured to be on the same stage as her. And then she performed Hyperballad and it was amazing. It was a festival out in the countryside in Iceland and all these rave club kids were there dancing high on ecstacy out in the nature. It was pretty fantastic. Everytime I listen to this song I can smell the fresh grass and feel the cool air night breeze.

5. Booka Shade | In White Rooms
I am a huge fan of Booka Shade and I love their music. They make very melodic and beautiful minimal techno music. This song was on repeat on my iPod when it came out. I still listen to it and just drift away to some hidden place. I was working at this Icelandic design shop called Naked Ape in Iceland when I heard it first. It kinda made me feel like I was 16 years old again and the year was 1994 and I was going to an underground club or a rave. That was the feeling it gave me. Just total nostalgia and it brought all these youth teenage memories back to me.

6. Brian McKnight | Anytime
I love r 'n' b and soul music and the song Anytime is from the golden era of that kind of music. It came out in the 90's and I had just broken up with my boyfriend at the time and I heard it on the radio and it was like my boyfriend was talking to me through the song. The words just spoke to me directly. Brian has the most amazing voice and his songs are so bittersweet but somehow also very sexy. I got back with my boyfriend shortly after hearing the song and it kinda became one of our songs. Love u boo.

7. Gazebo | I Like Chopin
I have always been obsessed with 80's synth music. I was just a young kid in the 80's and I used to hear all these songs on the radio in Iceland and I used to daydream when I was listening to them. This song was one of those melancholy pretty sad songs that I just adore. It's cheesy but an instant classic. The piano melody is my favourite part. I love classical music and that part of the song is classic inspired.

8. Bruce Springsteen | I'm On Fire
I am a big Springsteen fan. There are so many Springsteen songs I love but this one is close to my heart. His music reminds me of all the summers I spent in America at my aunt Helga's house with my family. This song makes me think of hot summer nights and cute boys. Youth and dreams. Desire and the past. So many feelings and so many memories.

9. Whitesnake | Is This Love
This song is special to me. Me and my brother, Krummi adore this song. When we were kids watching MTV, we used to love this song and the video. It's the total 80's rock power ballad. Everytime I listen to it, it makes me think of my brother. Maybe we'll do an acoustic cover of this song. Who knows. We would just do it for us and for the fun of it. It would be our little secret.

10. Fleetwood Mac | Gypsy
I adore Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac. I love all their music and this song is major inspiriation and I can never get enough of it. It's a classic and timeless. When I saw the video for this song I wanted to be a performer. My parents are huge Fleetwood Mac fans and they used to play their music at home all the time. Everytime I listen to Stevie or Fleetwood I feel safe and secure and all warm inside. The video is like this fantasy gypsy world where Stevie is dancing with these little children, wearing these amazing chiffon hippie dresses and ballet shoes. Divine. Pure art. I have always felt like this song is about me and my life... To the gypsy that remains... Faces freedom with a little fear... I have no fear... I have only love... That's me!