WARMER MIXTAPES #338 | by Jack Campbell

This is an incredibly hard question to answer, as there are so many songs I would include in this list.
But these are the ones I've come up with:

1. Bombay Bicycle Club | Jewel
It makes me truly reflect on the inner beauty of the individual. The beautiful guitar melody and the cutting vocal highlight the vulnerability of us all. It also draws upon the contrast between external and internal judgement.

2. Bob Iver | Skinny Love
Justin Vernon's delicate vocals really touch the inside in this track. To me Justin tells the story of someone close with a terminal illness and it's uncontrollable. He then fights to overcome this loss. This piece triggers feelings of self-reflection to me and it helps to understand who I am.

3. Foals | Spanish Sahara
The track begins in a fragile and vulnerable manner which builds up to a memorable climax. This progression makes me think of the evolution of life and how death tries to break this motion.

4. Arcade Fire | Neighbourhood #4 (Kettles)
The gentle but fierce violins distinctly highlights the track from others on the record. The beautiful lyrics effectively capture the modern world of mass consumerism and immediate outcome. It illustrates that only over time things will become great. It really connects with me because I strongly believe that the modern world is becoming less cherished. The world is now all about success and not the enjoyment of life.

5. Grizzly Bear | Deep Blue Sea
Deep Blue Sea expresses the cruelty of life and how it can take those dearest. It makes me ponder why such damaging traps are put in place.

6. Bob Dylan | Girl From The North Country
This is one of my favourites of Dylan's. It lightens me up and it really gives me hope that I can find what I am seeking in life.

7. Burial/Fout Tet | Moth
I dont normally go for electronic instrumental music but this is different. I only heard it a couple of weeks ago however its electronic sounds connect with me in a way which nothing else has, unexplainable.

8. Arcade Fire | The Suburbs
Sorry for another Arcade Fire, they are just to good to ignore... The Suburbs portrays the chaos of the modern world and that sometimes the most important things to us are forgotten because of it. This is caused by the overwhelming amount of advertising and information we are all fed each day. This chaos has led us to dismiss our true values. This is such a fundamental issue which we all must understand.

9. Laura Marling | Blackberry Stone
The track easily relatable to for me as it shows that we should be stubborn when necessary to hold our ground. The beautiful melody and melting vocals are really relaxing to listen to and helps connect to the listener.

10. Local Natives | Wide Eyes
Wide Eyes has a rhythmic drum beat which is upbeat and vibrant, it makes the song very listenable. The lyrics focus on believe and that the truth is only true when it is displayed in front of us.