WARMER MIXTAPES #345 | by Marcus Lantz and Christian Hartmann of This Vision

Photos by Jan Blennerup.

SIDE A | by Christian Hartmann

1. Beach House | Zebra
One of the best songs from 2010 - I just love how the chorus breaks into the song. Listening to this song is like dreaming for 4:48 min.

2. The National | Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks
Absolutely brilliant album, probably could have picked any song but I chose this one due to a fond memory going to their concert last year at which the song was performed without any amplifiers with the entire crowd singing along - beautiful!

3. Radiohead | Street Spirit
Amazing song and amazing video. I never get tired of this song so it doesn't matter that it's more than 15 years old - it never feels old to me no matter how many times I play it.

4. PJ Harvey | Dear Darkness
Among my absolute favorite artists. PJ Harvey has written so many great songs. This is one that I always put in my playlist when I want to get into the right mood.

5. The Prodigy | Break And Enter
This album completely blew my away the first time I listened to it back in 1994 - it was something completely different from what I've ever heard before. This song must be one of the best electronic songs ever made!

6. Mew | Silas The Magic Car
From their latest album, this slow song is another one of those that makes me loose track of space and time. Love the unusual vocal tracking.

7. Kent | Innan Allting Tar Slut
Not a new song but it's one that always make my favorite songs list. It's especially the perfect mood (obviously melancholic) that appeals to me.

8. This Mortail Coil | Song To The Siren
Featured in one of my favorite movies, Lost Highway, somehow this song stops the world from spinning every time I listen to it.

9. Nine Inch Nails | Hurt
Another band with tons of great songs to choose from. I love the way Trent's voice cracks - it makes the great lyrics even better. The original is to me way better than the excellent cover by Johnny Cash.

10. Kashmir | Petitie Machine
I spent many late nights listening to this song during a period in my life when I felt both physically and mentally astray.

SIDE B | by Marcus Lantz

1. The National | Runaway
One of the best songs from one of the best records 2010. I very much like his barrytone voice combined with the melancholic melodies.

2. Yeasayer | Madder Red
Although it doesn't sound like grunge it reminds me of Nirvana. I absolutely love the psychadelic and groovy verse.

3. Beach House | Zebra
Christian summarised this one pretty good.

4. Mumford And Sons | I Gave You All
When I first heard Mumford and Sons I couldn't stand the folk vibe. But the album grew and I Gave You All is one of my favourites with its desperate lyrics.

5. Bruce Springsteen | Racing In The Street
Saw the documentary The Promise and fell for this one. Somehow I've missed out on this song before.

6. The Mary Onettes | The Dissappearence Of My Youth
When you're reaching the mature age of 30 you can relate to the second album Islands from the Swedish group The Mary Onettes.

7. Sun Kil Moon | Lost Verses
All I can think of when I hear this beautiful song is driving with my girlfriend by the coast in the south of Sweden. We listened to this song over and over again.

8. Bombay Bicycle Club | Dust On The Ground
When I went to Manchester with my two brothers and my father to watch football I walked into a record store and heard a fantastic song. It was Dust On The Ground by Bombay Bicycle Club, I bought the album instantly.

9. Bon Iver | re:stacks
I could have picked any song from this album. I saw them on the Swedish festival Way Out West 2009 and the atmosphere was great.

10. Håkan Hellström | Vid Protestfabrikens Stängsel
I think this song is the best one from his latest album 2 Steg Från Paradise. I don't know if it's hard to like Håkan Hellström if you're not from Sweden. Anyway the song has great lyrics and a great melody.