WARMER MIXTAPES #346 | by Nikolay Todorov (99 Mistakes) and Margarit Aleksiev (Casio Blaster) of 1000 Names and Egyptian Syrup

SIDE A | by Nikolay Todorov

1. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Reminiscences
This is the music of my summer 2010, like YouTube comment says: Sounds like pelican sex... Hear it that way! The harmony makes me fly around from circle to circle...

2. Tune-Yards | Real Live Flesh
This is how freedom sounds... Indian fantazy music... Love to put them in strange mixes for my dj sets sometimes.

3. Panda Bear | Slow Motion
Music from the harmony cave heart.

4. Moondog | Stamping Ground
When I listen to his music I see ancient human, earthless and more.

5. Actress | Get Ohn (Fairlight Mix)
Deep urban... Plays with my memories and at the same time its a completly new experience... Still remember how he played after us in Bucharest and blow out my brain...

6. Broadcast and The Focus Group | Royal Chant
This is the band that it's always in my streetpod player... Feel so sad these days for the lost of Trish Keenan.

7. James Blake | I Only Know (What I Know Now)
The structure of his music is out of this planet. lt's amazing to see how he grow and what of artistic mind he is.

8. Kelpe | Toy Castle
The tones of bounce.

9. Mount Kimbie | Would Know

10. Pursuit Grooves | Tweezers
Urban livin', soundin' like New York in the spring time, reminds me of sum 90's feelin'. Love when music plays with sum memories sences, but has sumthin to surprise you too...

SIDE B | by Margarit Aleksiev

1. Tim Buckley | Buzzin' Fly
Last summer was all about psychedelic music. From all the artists I discover Tim Buckley left the deepest impression in me with his tender voice and the diversity of his work. I've listened to this song 10 million times and it still moves me when I hear it.

2. Zero 7 | Home
Used to listen to the whole When It Falls album on repeat when it came out, it was like a honey for my soul after long night sessions. I rediscovered it few years later when I was first dating my girlfriend and we were getting lost into it...

3. Mount Kimbie | Maybes
I remember hearing this on mixes and was like what's that amazing deep tune?... They make it even better now on their live set and the extra melody at the beginning and the singing at the end are just amazing!

4. Coco Bryce | Harsh Disco Love
We had a great time in Sofia and Beograde recently playing together and exchanged some beats. This one is getting straight into my veins with it's pure vibes!

5. Hackman | Multicultural
I love this for its ever-evolving groove. The second part turns into the sickest loop the dancefloor can ask for.

6. John Serrie | Gentle, The Night
This is the soundtrack to my science fiction reading. Spaceships, loneliness...

7. Brogan Bentley | Sprout Session
An artist I recently discovered and I'm surprised that he isn't well known like Four Tet or James Blake. This session is great! Especially love the 3rd track! The vocal chops are the most exiting I've heard in a long time.

8. Julianna Barwick | Sunlight, Heaven
I'm having the feeling of laying on a boat in a middle of a lake. she's making this music in her bed with few machines and her cat. it's so special, i'd better stay quiet and let you enjoy it for a minute.

9. Letherette | In July Focus
This is bringing the summer vibes. Been waiting for these guys to put something out for a while. Finally it's here for everyone's listening pleasure.

10. Dntel | Peepsie
Been loving his music ever since I heard it 6-7 years ago. Such a delicate sounds melting together for an outer space experience! His series of Dying Songs mixes on dublab.com are blowing my mind!