WARMER MIXTAPES #347 | by Jacob Zachary Leech [Kid Counselor]

1. Kate Bush | This Woman's Work
I can remember listening to this song as early as first grade. I am not a huge Kate Bush fan, but this song is eternal. It is pure emotion spilled over the keys of a piano. My Dad would play this song all the time and would tell me about the famous scene from She's Having A Baby where this song was played. I finally saw the movie recently, and I cried just like the baby in the title.

2. Boards Of Canada | Olson
Although this is one the shortest songs on their album, Music Has The Right To Children, it's one of the most emotionally driven songs I have ever experienced. Literally, every time I hear it, I choke up if not completely lose it.

3. Elliot Smith | Talking To Mary
Elliott Smith, to me, mastered the art of subtly in singer songwriter/acoustic music. Like on this track, at the :22 mark, it goes from mono with one recorded guitar track to 2 separate guitar tracks, separately recorded and put to the left and right speakers. That blew me away when I was 16, and it's still left an impression on how I mix and create. His music is the perfect soundtrack to a night drive alone.

4. Cat Power | The Moon
I once spent a friend's birthday on a rooftop of an abandon building just staring at the Moon. We listened to this song probably 100 times that night.

5. Beck | Ramshackle
It's a song of pure exhaustion and drag, yet there is peace to it.

6. Bright Eyes | Neely O'Hara
Although it is a song very unlike anything the casual Bright Eyes fan would expect, it still sends the same message. It comprises all the anger and sanity that youth wave in and out of. It's sputtery lyrics and use of tape samples sounds like a bad period of life solidified in sound. The pain of growth and change weaves over the constant loss of innocence over time, and nothing couldn't sound track that idea any better then this song.

7. Atlas Sound | Walkabout
I know that it's probably his most well known song, but for damn good reason. I once told Bradford Cox right before a show about how this song once made my mom cry of joy during a sunny day. He thanked me for the story and later dedicated the song to me and I was glowing for a week. I read later that he wrote the song to just make people happy and to just have a positive song, and I am so happy that I got to let him know how wonderful it really is. Also, if there was no Atlas Sound, Kid Counselor may not have ever existed. He is my idol all the way.

8. TV On The Radio | Tonight
This song will be with me until the end. It's so deep rooted into my adolescence. I once covered it at a show and was later told it brought someone to tears. Probably one of my proudest moments as a musician. (Sidenote: They did an iTunes session EP, and I think it may have been the greatest $4.95 I have ever spent. The version of Tonight on the EP is just as good, if not better, than the original. Absolutely stunning.)

9. Sufjan Stevens | Detroit, Lift Your Weary Head!
Although it is virtually impossible for me to pick just one of his songs, this song touches the most of the things I love about his music. Although it's 8+ minutes long, it always feels too short. The outro is one of the greatest pieces of ambience I have ever heard.

10. Broken Social Scene | Looks Just Like The Sun
You Forgot It In People is probably my favorite album of all time. It is flawless. This track renews my faith in humanity every GD time. I won't even begin to try to explain how much I love this album, because I feel it's not possible to be put it into words.

+11. Sleep In Sundays | Someday I Will Be Pure
Although this song is from his as of yet unreleased album Okay, my love for it must be announced. Sleep In Sundays is not only a great friend, but also an incredible songwriter. The use of field recordings, layered guitars, and whispered vocals result in something nothing short of genius

+12. Ra Cailum | Last Days As Children
This song exemplifies my favorite nonexistent genre of music: nostalgic dance music. Anthony Engelhardt is another great friend and an incredible songster. The first time I was shown this song, it was faster than the finished product on the amazing, Souvenir EP. It astounded me how much more I could love a song with only the slightest change of pitch on the finished product. His song Existence is also jaw droppingly good. It's the most played on my dad's iTunes. Ra Cailum: King of Dad rock.