WARMER MIXTAPES #357 | by Paul Salva [Salva]

1. Shlohmo | Places
Coolin' out post-apocalypse, but still pimpin'... Tumbleweeds rollin' through an empty metropolis, but somehow your outlook on life is still amazing. Some blues in here, happy and melancholy at the same time. What Shlohmo is doing now with vocals and guitar, tape fuzz and still keeping those crackling percussives... Truly brilliant.

2. Groundislava | Panorama (Clive Tanaka Y Beaunoise Remix)
Enjoying the view, and the view is funky. Enjoyable chill out modern pop music, but still something to dance to. A perfect example of what a remix should be... Took the song in a new and exciting direction.

3. The Phantom | Night Game (Zeppy Zep Remix)
There are different sides to this tune, and they're all amazing. There is something dark and grimey about this one... Almost some murder music. But then it gets kind of trancey and beautiful... Then uptempo pop lock beats kick in like blaowwwww...

4. Africa Hitech | Light The Way
I ate Peyote at the top of the oldest known Mayan temple in South America... This is the soundtrack to my return back from the other dimension. Pritchard is a genius!!

5. Machinedrum | Now U Know The Deal 4 Real
This is kind of like a really good sex dream that I want to keep having over and over again. XXX... Machinedrum invokes many sounds in his various productions, he is one of my biggest influences out of the American producers... This one seems to be more reminiscent of his Sepalcure sound.
6. Chrissy Murderbot | Bussin' Down (feat. DJ Spinn)
Some Herbie Hancock or Quincy Jones gone real ghetto bass... This hits the vein of that sweet Chicago sound I grew up on, taking some classic ghetto house roots meets post-modern juke vibes, nice sample usage too... Gives you that real summertime vibe, the best time to be in Chicago.

7. Lorn | Cherry Moon
Talk about haunting. I've listened to this song for hours and hours... The most infectious melody I can think of. This is a tune for love lost.

8. Anita Baker | Sweet Love
Had to put one throwback tune on here. This is maybe my favorite pop/R&B chord progression ever... Definitely one of favorite female vocalists. This is such an uplifting and classic tune... I dug this one out of my record collection last week and played it over and over.

9. Om Unit | The Timps
Classic Electro the way I like it. This is some funky robot assault... Played this on a few big sound systems and it literally sends an electromagnetic pulse out through the crowd disabling everybody's smart phones. Om Unit is another very eclectic producer that I work with and look up to.

10. Canblaster | Timemaster's Chronicles
This is a bubbling journey through the continuum. There is some sexy soulfulness leaking in through the clicks of the grandfather clock. This one makes me feel happy. Canblaster is an extremely talented artist from Paris, sure to take over the globe over the next year.