WARMER MIXTAPES #358 | by Vlad Cristea [Anus Against Nature]

An ode to (my) life.
My life is worthless, I'd like to think that the things I listen to are not.

1. Ludus | How High Does The Sky Go?
Heavenly bliss. I swear Morrissey's been trying to reach this one's perfection throughout everything he ever did. Despite all his efforts and lyrical know-how, the beauty of this wordless jewel is yet unattainable by his like. Best to keep trying though, Ludus never did, they didn't have to.

2. Jeans Wilder | Don't Want To Live Forever
Shock! Instant shock when this one came through to my ears. Wedding dances, drunken brides whistling all the way. And most importantly my feet started to move. Can't really imagine any better compliment a song can attain.

3. Guided By Voices | Motor Away
I suppose a whole bunch of their thousands of songs could have made it here. When it comes to them my choice keeps changing every few months. This spring it's most definitely this one. I only wish I had a car to pump this one early in the morning through random highways. I don't have a car, around here we don't get highways ever so often. I do have a bike and as I ride it while smoking a delicious cigarette, Sun in my eyes, it's the best moment I could ever imagine on the road.

4. Young Prisms | If You Want To
Neck mover this one. I'd say that's even better than leg mover, sorry Jeans. Don't go chasing waterfalls when you could be chasing this band. In a dream, whilst shifting your neck through the pillow...

5. Taped Hiss | Leaping From Train To Train
I love it when I come across a band on last.fm whose picture is so awesome you simply know they must be good. I'm not sure they're a band though, or even a person for that matter. Whoever it is, I'm sure he/she/they had better toys than I did when growing up. If they've grown up. I hope they didn't.

6. chvpa | fantazja
Since I'm all about age regression, few come as deep and troubling as this one. And I'm sure it wasn't the fogginess I was experiencing due to certain external factors that endeared this track to me. No fog now other than the one caused by this invocation of Italian pop festivals in hell where chvpa must've crawled from. Dante must be having a realball there while listening to this and daydreaming of not being there.

7. Black Vatican | Born To Live Life
The greatest excuse for being drunk and useless. Sing this one to any jerk that kicks you out of anywhere.

8. Maher Shalal Hash Baz | From A Summer To Another Summer
In my I'm such a cryptic twat days, I quoted its title and added From A New Year To Another Ear. Christmas/New Years Eve 2006-07. Obviously I'm not half as gifted a songwriter as Tori Kudo is. No one is. Hard to believe I'll ever stop anyone from committing suicide. This one did for me and since then I keep leaping from summers to other summers.

9. Kylie Minogue | Confide In Me
A true story: 666kms from home, hungover as fuck after sipping vodka all the way through the dirty dirty train. In a cheap motel. Penniless. 4am in the morning, technically had to wait until 10am in the next morning for the ex-girlfriend who had just turned down post-relationship sex to lend me some money to go home. No dignity whatsoever, no food either. Surfing on the 20cm TV set provided by the cheap hotel. I think it must've been VH1 or something where this was playing. Hypnotized completely, instant refresh of how great this song is. Lifesaving dialogue with the TV which was now max volume. Haze lifts, a solution to all my problems. Packed as fast as I could, left with the first train without getting a ticket, locked myself in the bathroom for over 3 hours at one point, kept singing this to myself in the mirror. Still alive and kickin' .

10. My Bloody Valentine | Soon
To everyone on the Planet. You haven't lived until you've had sex while listening to this song. No one to have sex with? Yourself of course! Crippled? Figure it out, improvise, do your best, it's worth it. 7 minute orgasm. Not as good as pigs, but it's the best you can do.