WARMER MIXTAPES #364 | by Bobby Jewell [Love Distance]

1. Felt | Evergreen Dazed
Last Christmas I listened exclusively to Felt, it was sad and depressing but I relished and wallowed in the misery, and will probably do the same again this year. In a good way.

2. The Tornadoes | Telstar
Been pretty obsessed with Joe Meek for awhile now, how he approached things, how he created these concentrated hits and the way he was haunted by the ghost of Buddy Holly and his own repressed homosexuality. Stone cold classic, every time you hear this song, it feels like the first time.

3. Fox By Fox | Precious Little Diamond
I sometimes interview people, haven't done in a while but back when I was more focused on it I spoke to this great Italian photographer called Giulio Ghiradi. We did the whole Facebook thing after and his friend Alessandro Talker Palatore added me also. He runs half of this 80's disco blog Longo Sound. Seeing as I'd been compulsively listening to Amanda by Michael Meyer it was sweet to chance upon its main sample in the chorus to this Italo stomper. Bookmark and adore.

4. DJ Roc | The Business
Berlin in August, lying around some suave Turkish flat in Mitte, comatose from pizza and unnecessary walking.

5. Mark E | White Skyway
When I first moved to London, one of the best things was discovering all the clubs, DJs and tracks of the Disco/House scene that I had ignored up until then. Mark E makes music that I want to hear when I'm out, this is pretty typical of his output in how every part builds and builds and every sound you hear is perfectly placed for pure escapism.

6. Yes | No Opportunity Necessary, No Experience Needed
My parents never really listened to music unless it was part of Sky Sports Montages or was Abba. Actually that probably had more of an effect on me that legal guardians who were like down with these sorts of things, man. Not entirely sure where I'm going with this but get the Lassos out this is brilliant.

7. Super Value | 8A1 (Riccio Edit)
I always recommend this, one of my favourite disco songs, reminds of adventures across the city last winter and endless hours at home this year with this on repeat. Two words, two chords, two riffs, stunningly simple. I could listen to this forever.

8. Sallyangie | Children Of The Sun
Found this on vinyl in a record store in Copenhagen once, why I didn't buy it I'll never understand. Sally Oldfield loses a lot of the spotlight to her brother, but this in interesting and innocent synthesis of both of their nascent talents. She's well into Reiki now apparently.

9. Camel | City Life
When my friend came back from Japan this summer after two years away we spent the best part of our reunion on YouTube running through all the songs that we had wanted to show off to each other since 2008. Along with a lot of YMO, Doobie Brothers, and Perfume this stood as a pretty perfect Yacht Rock song, piano intro, smooth vocals, 80s opulence, sax solo in the middle. Smooth

10. Fleetwood Mac | You And I, Part I
The b-side to Big Love. Absolutely soul destroying in its dreamy bleakness. Production wise it's flawless; it's personal and romantic and gets to me every time I hear it. Sounds like heartbreak across oceans at midnight. Even the title itself You And I is so incredible.

+11. Neon Genesis Evangelion OST | Fly Me To The Moon (Cover)
Anime used to be a guilty pleasure of mine when I was younger, but it was hard to get into, channels would reschedule and cancel shows at whim and so on. Evengelion was something that held my imagination due most of it going over my head at the time. I revisited it a few months ago, the themes, scale and mastery of it all was amazing. The genius and beauty of taking this jazz standard and reappropriating it as an apocalyptical spectacle is magic, the way the words bounce and soar off the strings just kills me every time.