WARMER MIXTAPES #365 | by Samuel Obey [Obey City/ Hugo Pratt]

1. Sepalcure | Fleur
Such a moody beautiful tune, full of lush textures and washes of wonderful acoustic instrumentation. It sounds like an over cast late night/early morning to me. These two are bass dons.

2. Nite Jewel | Am I Real?
Great pop tune, tight rhythms, slappy bass, silky voice. Like a lost gem from the 80s. There's a warm, pillowy sound to her recordings that I really enjoy. I've played this particular tune so much that I always think I'll be sick of it when it comes on - but I never am.

3. Lapalux | Kelly Brook
I don't even think this is an official release but I heard it up on his Soundcloud and my mind/brain was/is officially blown. Sonically the most intense track I've heard this year. All of this chaotic noise, with the sexy vocals sliding in and out. It's a trip, as is all his music - definitely peep his latest EP Many Faces Out Of Focus. Such talent.

4. Ifan Dafydd | No Good
Again no release on this one, just heard it from a radio rip & on YouTube. It's definitely similar to James Blake's production style; could even be James Blake himself because apparently no one knows this guy. If it's not, its certainly the best impression I've heard of my favorite aspects of his production, including chopped vocals, heavy bass and complex melodic stylings.

5. Chris Brown | Look At Me Now (feat. Busta Rhymes & Lil' Wayne)
The streets (and I) are still goin crazy for this one!!!! AIRHORNNNNNNNNNNN. Busta Rhymes back in full effect! Look at me now, I'm cookin' 5 star meals!!!

6. Jensen Sportag | Everything Good
EVERYTHING on their EP Pure Wet is GOOD & makes me purely wet, but this one has that late night cruisin' feel and the driving bassline that keeps me coming back 4 repeats. All the remixes I've heard from them are outstanding as well!

7. Leon Ware | Don't Stay Away
Just picked up this record recently & it's incredible. From the man who wrote Marvin Gaye's masterpiece I Want You. Full of smooth, buttery sounds & arrangements. I'm floating with a big smile on my face to this one.

8. Roy Ayers | The Golden Rod
Roy Ayers tunes make me think of sweaty summers in Brooklyn and since we're not too far away, there's no reason not to start listening now! Roy is one of the all time greats to me. Best pick up the vinyl for that extra crunch!

9. The Weeknd | Glass Table Girls
Everyone is digging on this record & for good reason. This tune in particular really stands out to me. The production is great; super dark and full of never ending tension. The singer swags out, especially with all the MJ ooohs at the end. Works best with the robo-cop video.

10. Sounds Of Blackness | Optimistic
I woke up to this song playing on Hot 97 one morning through my radio alarm clock feeling so good already. The perfect way to start out every day - LET THE GOOD VIBES SHINE THROUGH!!!