WARMER MIXTAPES #366 | by Tore Løchstøer Hauge of Hiawata!

These are the songs I always come back to.
Really fun doing this list. Played it for my wife today at breakfast.

1. The Smashing Pumpkins | The Boy
B-side from the 1979 single. Basically the blueprint for every song ever written by me. That alongside James Iha's solo album Let It Come Down.

2. Teenage Fanclub | Ain't That Enough
Verse-chorus-verse-chorus + vocal harmonies and guitar solos. I’ll take that over world peace every day. The soundtrack to the summer that never came.

3. The Lemonheads | If I Could Talk I’d Tell You
It’s hard to select one favorite Lemonheads song. There are so many great ones. So I’ll go for the song that turned me on to the Lemonheads and Evan Dando's song writing in the first place. My favorite band. My favorite guy. You can never go wrong putting on the Lemonheads if I’m around.

4. The Smiths | This Charming Man
Took some time before I discovered The Smiths and Morrissey. Don’t know why really. I was truely a misrable teenager. This was the first song I loved. Still the song I love the most.

5. Beezewax | A Lifetime
My favorite Norwegian band of all times. One the bands you really can’t believe isn’t a household name all over the world. Their front man Kenneth Ishak has been our producer (and I have now started a new band with him: Heyerdahl). But, I used to be (and still am) so starstruck by this man cause of his incredible song writing, singing and guitar playing. The man is somewhat of a musical genius and a truely good guy.

6. Håkan Hellström | Uppsnärjd I Det Blå
Shit. When Håkan released his first album it was maybe the coolest thing I had ever heard. Like Springsteen and the Smiths all mixed up and sung in Swedish. There has been some heavy singalongs to this song in the suburb I grew up in.

7. Bruce Springsteen | Thunder Road
My dad always played a lot of Bruce Springsteen at home when I was growing up. So I was raised to be a huge Springsteen fan. I could have picked a hundred Springsteen songs really, but this is the first one I could sing by heart.

8. Dinosaur Jr. | Just Like Heaven (The Cure Cover)
Two birds with one stone. I love Dino and I love The Cure. I could listen to J. Mascis' guitar all day.

9. Pulp | Babies
I was really into Pulp when I was a teenager. If it wasn’t for Jarvis Cocker I might never have found out about sex. The line: I went with her cause she looks like you, is as good as it gets.

10. Ash | A Life Less Ordinary
Ash is one of the bands I have listen the most to. It’s pretty straight forward power pop, but there is always something unebelievable beautiful in every song. Like this one. And Cameron Diaz stared in the film.

+11. Chris Whitley | Power Down (Acoustic Version)
My friend Erik use to play me this song.

+12. Vanessa Paradis | Joe Le Taxi
I think I’m in love with Vanessa Paradis.

+13. The Thrills | Big Sur

+14. Levy | Rector Street
New York artist that I have listen to a lot the past years. When I got married in 2009 this was the song me and my wife danced to.

+15. Beachwood Sparks | By Your Side (Sade Cover)
This is orginally a Sade-song. She also sings beautifully, but Beachwood Sparks version was the first I heard. The star of every sad mixtape of broken hearts past.