WARMER MIXTAPES #373 | by Renaud Deru [ATTAR!]/(Cosy Mozzy) and Andy Faisca [A.N.D.Y.] of Mustang

Choosing ten songs was probably one of the hardest work that we had to do since a while.
All our apologize to everyone that I have not mentioned!!

SIDE A | by Andy Faisca

1. Lucio Battisti | Ancora Tu
Ancora Tu, Il Viliero and Un Uomo Che Ti Ama are probably the three songs I heard most in my life. At home, my father used to listen to a lot of Italian music but Lucio Battisti was his favorite. It naturally became mine too! We can’t stop listening to it! Lucio Battisti is clearly part of my musical education.

2. Michael Jackson | Liberian Girl
It's very hard to choose a song from Michael Jackson. Off The Wall, Thriller and Bad are probably the three best albums ever written. He's the only one who released an album of eleven tracks (Bad) and all of them were in the top of World's Charts. Of course Billie Jean is a cult song and I don't think there are many recordings where all you need to hear is the first few drums beats, and you instantly recognize the song. But I chose Liberian Girl because that's what I call a perfect hit . The lead and backing vocals made by Michael are incredible. The writting and arrangement of this song is incredible and the mix is so clean and intelligent, just perfect for me. Each element has its place. This snare is so brilliant and present in the mix and you can listen to rhythmic elements playing between us in the mix. Ex ; Shaker onright side with the snare, etc. Big up to Michael, Quincy and Bruce!

3. Talk Talk | Such A Shame
Kid, I was affraid with the first sound of this song. I thought it was the cry of the scorpion on the cover. What an imagination! Talk Talk is one of my favorite bands. I found this band very ahead of their time. The sounds theyr found were very crazy. They took some time before each new album but each time was incredible. Mark Hollis is one of my favorite voices. Their music is very strong in emotions. Love it !

4. Bill Conti | Gonna Fly Now
The best soundtrack ever (for me). I listen to it very often and it inspires me a lot. The writing of this soundtrack... Very intelligent. The emotion throughout the whole song is incredible. When I listen to it, I always get goosebumps. This music gives me strength and courage. Win Rocky, win!

5. The Beach Boys | Don't Worry Baby
The vocal harmonies are just perfect! Kid, I haven't heard a lot this band but they recently took an important place in my musical universe.

6. Human League | Don't You Want Me
They are part of those bands that have marked the 80's. Dare is one of my favorite albums.

7. Les Rita Mitsouko | Marcia Bailia
I could have choose their famous Andy (released at the same time of my birth) but too easy ;) I prefer talking about Marcia Bailia. I'm a very bad dancer so I never dance. But when I listen to Bailia Marcia, I can't stop dancing! Les Rita Mitsouko is the most talented and crazy French band at this time. It's a married couple. Frederick Chinchin was an excellent guitarist and composer. Today, I am still playing this song very often.

8. Red Hot Chili Peppers | Funky Monks
Since childhood, I'm a huge fan of Red Hot Chili Peppers. I learned to play guitar and bass guitar with them. I still remember! Kid, I had a multi cd player in my room. I came home from school as soon as possible. I put six tracks of the Red Hot's album in my player and I played with my bass on all of them, again & again! It's the all the funk that I love in music. Flea is my favorite bassist (before Jaco Pastorius). He’s the start of my passion for bass guitar.

9. Santana | Europa (Earth's Cry Heaven's Smile)
Of course, Carlos Santana is one of my favorite guitarist. Europa is the only songs where the lyrics are the guitar. I feel this song as a love story. The beginning is a romantic ballad with a sexy groove on a melancholic theme that finishes with passion. The guitar is crying during the entire song and what a sound! Child, I listened to it a lot!

10. Daft Punk | Da Funk
Homework is the first album I bought. I was ten. I listened for the first time on a Belgian radio (Radio 21). In my head it sounded like a revolution. With my father, we drove by car in Brussels the time to listen to the album. I remember he told me, this will change the future of music. He was right. It's one of timeless album that opened doors and mind in the music industry.

+11. Desireless | Voyage Voyage
Guilty Song... Big tune in France. Child, I loved it. I sang and danced on it. Can't remember!! But I still get goosebumps when I listen to it! What a chorus part with great backing vocals!

SIDE B | by Renaud Deru

1. The Cure | Plain Song
Robert Smith and his band made my nights (and days) when I was a teenager... I had the same haircut and lipsick... I was listening especially this song, the button repeat on, with candles in my room and I was crying. So ridiculous, but which clone-fan is not ridiculous finally? I enjoyed them live 12 times, I remember when I met them some years ago, I was so shy, I was even not able to speak... In fact, I love all The Cure's songs from Three Imaginary Boys to Wish... After that, it's another story.

2. Coldcut | Timber
The Coldcut album Let Us Play is a masterpiece to me, and Timber turned me crazy the first time I heard it. I think I've played this track million times, perfect as the last track of the night. The girls' voices are mad. The video clip is also amazing. They were the first to hypnotise me with videos during theire live shows.

3. Pink Floyd | Comfortably Numb
It's the first track I traduced! Of course, The Wall is the well known album of the Floyds but it is also the best for me (I mean, they are all superb, but this one...). When I heard the guitar solo in this track for the first time, I felt in love, really. I've listened to this track on repeat plenty of times, and I will do it again and again. Pink Floyd's Live at Pompei video is a masterpiece. This is what a band needs to be: free.

4. Dj Sneak | Latin Seoul
The Chicago House vinyl that I've purchased the most! I felt in love with this track which was in a Common Factor's mixtape (an artist from Carl Craig/Planet E label). Common Factor worked in a clothes shop in Brussels where I spended my money and he offered me this mixtape. After that, I completely focused on house music (it was around 1995) and started a house music dj career. My target was to have all the tracks from this mixtape's playlist, and I found them all, except my favourite: Dj Sneak - Latin Seoul. Big frustration. Finally I found the vinyl 4 or 6 years ago... And I continue to play it as much as possible in my sets now.

5. Serge Gainsbourg | No Comment
I'm a huge fan of Serge Gainsbourg, one of the most respectable career ever! But as you know, Gainsbourg had a dark side called Gainsbarre (in the 80's). This track, No Comment is so explicit and scandalous. And this girl screaming under the penis attack... So exciting... This is my dark side...

6. M&G | When I Let You Down
The perfect Italo track ever ! Full of love, sensuality and kitsch. The track you have to play when you are at the DJ booth in a playboy mansion party! Gorgeous!

7. My Morning Jacket | Touch Me And I'm Going To Scream Part 2
This song gives me a violent emotion each time I listen to it... I can't explain... When the guitar arrives after the break, it's simply crazy. Oh, yes, I can also say that the first time I made love with my current girlfriend in a car in the middle of nowhere under a yellow full Moon, the cd player was playing this track.

8. Mo'Wax | Head 1 & 2
In fact Head 1 & 2 are two vinyl boxes released by the UK label Mo'Wax. I discovered this label because Robert Smith has said in one of his interviews that he was listening those compilations at home. Did I already say I was a Cure fan ? Ok. So I went to the shop and directely bough the vinyl boxes. It was my first step in electronic music. So now I can say that The Cure introduced me to electronic music.

9. Giorgio Moroder | The Chase
The best arpeggio, the best sound power, the best lead in disco ever.

10. Coldplay | Clocks
My guilty pleasure. Please don't blame me...