WARMER MIXTAPES #374 | by Johan Emmoth [Le Prix] of Pushy Parents and Plexi Grace

1. Crash Course In Science | Flying Turns
Philadelphia Post Punk band Crash Course In Science, know in 80's for early use of toy synthesizers. Band was produced by John Wicks and Flying Turns is one of my most listened to songs (in the Minimal Wave genre) the reason I like it so much is because of the song structure, melody and drum sound.

2. Nick Kamen | I Promised Myself
First time heard it was me and my cousine eating pizza and watching MTV. TV dropped it and it was clear it was the best thing we ever heard in life... The day after we took the 52 buss to the local recordstore and bought one copy each (on 7'' vinyl). I also bought a gabber compilation with a pissed off monster on the front cover...

3. Corey Heart | Sunglasses At Night
Canadian Corey Heart's hit Sunglasses At night made by Brittish producers Jon Astley & Phil Chapman (also working with Hawkwind). This one is my favorite video game soundtrack featured in Vice City radiostation Wave 103. The song was released by Aquarious Records in 1983 and Vice City is also one of my favorite TV games.

4. My Bloody Valentine | Loomer
Song featured on the 1991 album Loveless (released on range of label but initially on Alan McGee's Creation Records). To me the song has a certain kind of atmosphere that I really like... When I hear it, for some reason I always get the feeling of a early morning hangover in June... Like a moment in life you're feeling the worst, but at same time senses the of beauty of it! I also like Kevin Shield's distorted (Ibanez) guitar outro.

5. Intellivision | Calling Tokyo
This one is by my studio partner Nixon's other synth bands Intellivision. Nixon played it on MySpace a year ago and I have listened to it regularly since... It was released on a label called Hypersound and the CD-R will stay in my record box until beyond next life!

6. Li Mahl | Never Ending Story
This is a special song to me which I like listen to on the subway... It was produced by Georgio Moroder (I got the vinyl standing in the studio bookshelf)... Have listened to countless times and will continue do so until I get bored of it... Production is Kung Fu razorblade sharp and think Cristopher Hamill (Li Mahl) sings like a angel dressed in gold and sent from a sky with good weather...

7. The Chills | Pink Frost
I can't remember where got it from but like it more than a lot. Probably because of simplicity and melodies... It's the only song I've heard from the band and I listen to it on my mobile on repeat.

8. Experimental Products | Modern Living
A song I got from French e-mail friend who recommends me new music almost every month... This one is with band Experimental Products and called Modern Living, which is like a basic Minimal Wave tune with drummachine, Korg MS-20 synth solo and a vocalist singing about the future (with a dark voice!). The album is called Prototype and was released back in 1982.

9. Friday Bridge | It Girl (Nicolas Makelberge Remix)
This one I discovered when hanged out at friends web agency... It was added on a iTunes playlist (that we listened to five days in a row). Think it's one of those songs you maby don't notice for a start, but is addictive like coffee as soon start listening to it.

10. Paris | In Crowded Subways
This is my at the moment favorite Saturday evening song... Though the only thing I know is that it's released on French Ekler'o'shock/EOS Records and that it's great!