WARMER MIXTAPES #375 | by Logan Fisher [Haules Baules]

I've put some new stuff that I'm into right now...
As well as some more personal and dare I say nostalgic pieces from the 80's when I was the king of mixtapes at my school!

1. Alien Alien | Sambaca
I'll kick off the tape with something brand new. This is Rodion and Hugo Sanchez's new collaborative venture. I met the two of them when they played in Bucharest a few months back. We all had great fun that night and have kept in touch ever since. Lovely people and for me their work encapsulates everything I strive to find in good club music.

2. Klaus Weiss | Time Signals
I'm a sucker for Library Music, particularly from the 70's. It's a murky world of session musicians and unsung genius. Fundamentally it's painting pictures with music so it's a sonic playground for synthesiser experimentation, funky breaks and cosmic weirdness. Half the fun of it is listening through a whole album of annoying shit just to find that elusive sample that spawns the musical direction for your next production. As I said a lot of it doesn't warrant repeat listening but Klaus Weiss never disappoints and this album is one of his best.

3. Supermax | Ain't Gonna Feel
Kind of obsessed by this one. Pure cosmic codeine funk from the untouchable Supermax. It's one of those tunes I ALWAYS reach for if I'm feeling blissed out and battered from a hard night's partying. This is my After-Hours, and you're all invited.

4. Amin Peck | My Frames
Epic yet still cold and restrained italo music from Amin Peck. This is a B-side track that doesn't get much attention but I think it's my favourite from him. Introspective and fragile.

5. Steffan Robbers | Foreign Dimensions
An achingly beautiful piece of electronic music taken from one of the best Detroit Techno compilations ever Virtualsex. I'm lucky enough to have an original vinyl copy and I'm always getting offers for it on Discogs for silly money but I'll never sell it. So, so many memories instantly open up in my mind when it goes on the turntable.

6. Spectral Display | It Takes A Muscle To Fall In Love
I got all excited when I stumbled on this tune a couple of months back, thinking I'd unearthed some obscure long lost sonic jewel, but it turns out M.I.A. covered it on her last album B.I.T.C.H! Anyway check out the original, it's way better.

7. BNJMN | Blocks
Compressed but glittering techno music from BNJMN. I'm really enjoying his new album at the moment. It's rare these days you find the time to listen to albums, so it must be doing something right as I've got this on repeat.

8. The Fall | Blindness
Yes, I'm an annoying Fall fan who will tell you Mark E. Smith is a genius, a drunken speed freak of a genius, but one none the less. I could've chosen one of many from this enduring Anti-Pop icon but I plumped for this and it's chugging menace.

9. Diegors | Marcup Mip
Been playing this out quite a bit recently. Simple and effective, it sounds huge in a club. This makes it onto the mix as a flag bearer for it's record label Comeme from Buenos Aires. Every release so far has been fantastic.

10. Fun Boy Three | Our Lips Are Sealed
Coventry was the closest big town to me when I was growing up and it was a shit-hole. However, it spawned Terry Hall from The Specials and the Fun Boy Three. I thought they were so cool. I wanted to look like them when I was 12. I suppose this is Balearic now.

+11. Sined Roza | I Don't Know What It Is (Pete Shelley Cover)
Italo-New Beat cover of Pete Shelley. Reminds me of when I first started going to raves and parties, and it still gets a dancefloor airing every now and then.

+12. Randy Newman | Baltimore
I could've put the Nina Simone version, but this, the original is far more personal to me. My dad was a big fan and it was usually the tape already in the car stereo when we would head off on long journeys. Short People was his favourite. We would rewind it and sing along. I ended up 6ft 4in tall.