WARMER MIXTAPES #377 | by Perris Dietrich [Shisa]

Photo by Becca Kopcie

1. Airiel | Shirley Temple Tidal Wave
One of the most relaxing and blissful songs I've ever heard. It's so relaxing and melodic and beautiful. Airiel is a great band, I'll really have to meet up with them sometime.

2. Supercar | Summer Tune
Supercar is one of my favorite bands. Every time I hear this song I just get a great feeling and know I can just let go for a bit. It really makes me miss Okinawa, Japan and makes me think about my childhood.

3. My Bloody Valentine | What You Want
This is a track I just can't get over. The feedback and soft lyrics and sharp drumming really just takes me somewhere. I'd really recommend their album Loveless. It's a gem... And I really think anyone can just feel the raw emotion put into the recording and it is truely wonderful.

4. Catwalk | Past Afar
Yet another beautiful track. I just can't get over how catchy this song is and how it just makes me want to dance through life. I think I'm just a sucker for good ol' Pop, but honestly after the guitar solo hits I just melt. I think I could really cheer someone up with this song.

5. Carissa's Wierd | They'll Only Miss You When You Leave
It's so hard to put how this song makes me feel into words. The whole album just gives me a remarkable feeling. It's a sad song but at the same time it lets you know that you'll be ok.

6. Have A Nice Life | Bloodhail
Sincerely a heartbreaking song. You can hear it too. At the end... It goes, it's all. over... And it just keeps going on and on into oblivion and you can't get it out of your head.

7. Cocteau Twins | Carolyn's Fingers
Everything about this song is amazing. I would leave class just to go to the bathroom and listen to this song. I just love how the band really puts emotion into their work and how Elizabeth's lyrics just reach out to me.

8. Salem | Skullcrush
So much angst. So much anger... Yet it's peaceful. Whispered vocals and very repetitive which really are two qualities I love in music.

9. Toro Y Moi | 109
Whoa. I remember just running around during the summer care free as ever listening to this track. This song totally gives me the whatever-happens-happens attitude... And that's what summer is all about.

10. DJ Screw | Something 4 Da Mood
Such a chill jam. Nice and laid back. Makes you not really care about anything... Which I love. Seriously DJ Screw knew what he was doing. Man was ahead of his time. No money in my pocket. But I was still fly. There's just something about a completely stolen and slowed down song that appeals to me. Screw made the tracks his own. RIP.

+11. The Appleseed Cast | On Reflection
Full of emotion and angst. A beautiful song and story of betrayal.

+12. WEEN | Joppa Road
Where should I begin? This is such a great song to relax or just lounge to. The first time I heard this masterpiece was in my history class and we had this substitute teacher who had a ton of indie jams on his iPod. This being one of them.