WARMER MIXTAPES #378 | by Stuart Kets [Hleger] of Le Elbow and Tjut Dream§

1. Holy Shit | My Whole Life Story
I think it was the second time I had taken LSD, the first time not too much happened but anyway so I get home. I had always liked Ariel Pink alot so the new Holy Shit was something monumental for me to sit down and listen to. The first track that plays is My Whole Life Story. I just hear this jangling chord, and the progression begins to start and this world began to take form as the Omnichord began. I just saw this great Shakespearean fable of someone trying to explain their life before they died. This song has a creepy longing for something that had gone, but it's fine. One had lived their life, it was the end but there was this justification in this melody that that was it; this beautiful answer slowly unfolded. I can't quite explain. Something definitely switched in my brain where I saw what music could do, it was this melodic and simple ensemble that did the right things to me. The song was this sentimental piece of history that I had seemed to have found. I get intensely emotional each time I hear it, it was probably the second time since being a very young child that I had felt that Christmas morning feeling. The feeling of just being a small child, but the World was comfortable. I sat there by the Christmas tree with Ariel Pink and John Maus, we were all small children playing our new instrument presents.

2. Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti | Hold Your Breathe And Wait
I had been quite long where I had been looking for alot of Ariel rarities. When I first heard it, I realised the power his music had on me. I felt like the song was made for me. I had some weird disappeared 80's movie soundtrack for a failed film, like I had just found it. Like the man who made it had put so much into it, but nobody had seen it. I felt like I was on Hunnington beach back in the day, trying my best to flirt with this girl telling her my longing for her. It had this air of R'n'B music of a schizophrenic person, like a great R'n'B outsider masterpiece weaved together by loss of love and true deep pain.

3. Tonetta777 | The Calling
So my friend Callum Fraser turned me onto this old weirdo who had been putting out alot of YouTube videos. Like a disaster from a Harmony Korine film, wearing little skimpy outfits with his strange body-type. Although I started to fall in love with his music, I could tell by this song it had this similar feeling of longing with reassurance. Also that despite this man had been making this music, (the type of music made by someone who dedicates their soul to it) - not many people had appreciated it (obviously not mattering to him). He was still putting everything that is him into it. So if someone was to laugh at his music, it was like laughing at his soul. There was this poor, sad man but there was beautiful music.

4. Raw Thrills | I'm Alive
I had been listening to Raw Thrills well known sort of stuff and recent stuff. Until I dug deeper I found a true-pop legend like Bowie. His whole structure of this song really just made me think, this guy can really play.

5. Outer Limits Recordings | Burnin' Through The Nite
I don’t think I had ever heard such a Fuck Yeah! song before. It’s the type of song you will just make a CD of specifically to drive around screaming it into peoples faces that you do not know. The guys at Outer Limits are this collaboration of all the drone heroes I held up high. Except now they were crossing over (with the same style) to something I love equally: Melodramatic Pop Song. It was some great hybrid of genius, made by the gods.

6. Delia Derbyshire | Ziwzih Ziwzih OO-OO-OO
This song really fascinated me alot, it was made so long ago by these breakthrough sound scientists at the BBC. They were chosen to make, I guess jingles to shows on the BBC. They obviously were very passionate about making music, this was Delia Derbyshire (one of the workers there) own personal song using the then cutting edge technology. It's like a scientific masterpiece and monumental time for music but is also so kick-ass.

7. Cannibal Ferox | Main Title
I don’t think a song before had made me feel that I was in some strange scientific experiment. Or made me feel like some huge apocalyptic event was about to take place, quite like this one. It was sort of cheesy sci-fi with very simple chords. It still has something though, its really just a great sort of epic.

8. Playa Fly | As-Salaam Alaikum
This song just interested me; no other song makes me think of Middle-Eastern Love songs like Wahid Omid. Except mixed with some very hardcore cheesy R'n'B keeping it gangsta. A real Wow, this I need to use as a soundtrack for a movie song. Please do not cause I would like to use it at some point. Just think picnic with long lost lovers, with a slow-mo blurry effect except somewhere in the streets of Memphis.

9. R. Stevie Moore | I Don't Think She Knows (Instrumental)
One of my real Pop icons along side Ariel, R. Stevie Moore is really some type of genius. The guy that reassured me I should be recording at home as much as possible, cause, hey, who gives a shit. Why not? This song I think just sums up very well, the affect R. Stevie Moore’s music has on the human being.

10. John Baker | Radio Nottingham
Still a guy from The BBC Radiophonic Workshop alike Delia Derbyshire; this song has that real sort of You are entering a new planet feel. Except this planet is very cool and you’ll just have a great time on this planet. Everybody is very great, and you will have loads of fun.