WARMER MIXTAPES #379 | by Jeppe Kjellberg of WhoMadeWho

1. Jimi Hendrix | Long Hot Summer Night
When I was around four years I started playing the ukulele. When my hands got the right size I moved on to the guitar. Was enjoying the art of accompanying my parents parties and so on. To give me inspiration my dad once gave me a tape with Django Rheinhart… That didn't really work at all. But I to this day remember the day when he gave me that tape cassette with Jimmy Hendrix Experience: Electric Ladyland, it completely blew my mind. I listened to it non-stop for many years. It was so intense, physical and sexy. It inspired me big time to start playing electric guitar. And making a band.

2. Miles Davis | Flamenco Sketches
In my childhood my parents were very festive. Going to loads of concerts or just celebrating life with friends dancing to left wing music... In my home there was a big love for Jazz Music. Especially this album plays a big part in the soundtrack of my childhood. Miles Davis is a big inspiration to me. Both as a band-leader and a pioneer of sound. I think if he was alive he would be working with the likes of Squarepusher or someone alike in the electronic field.

3. Squarepusher | Cryptic Motion (Mr. Oizo Remix)
I've always enjoyed the chaotic output of Warp artist Squarepusher. This new album is put out on Ed Banger and comes with a lovely remix of Mr. Oizo. It's crazyness. And I love it. The French have an amazing ability to produce and re-mix… Would love to work with Mr. Oizo one day. (WMW play his track Flat Eric live, and it's a killer...)

4. Ratatat | Loud Pipes
I recently discovered Ratatat, and fell in love with their music and production. With my upbringing with improvised music, I still have a weakness for instrumental music. Ratatat are so tight and musical that they cached my attention immediately.

5. Hot Chip | One Life Stand
Hot Chip are good friends of WMW. We toured together back in the days, and did a swap of re-mixes once. In their re-mix of our track TV Friend the bass-line is such a killer. This track is from their newest CD. On the track you get a great view of their wide ranging musicality.

6. LCD Soundsystem | One Touch
Talking of friends. We are very sad about the death of the band. One of our first re-mixes were a Munk remix with James Murphy on vocal, it was very inspiring to work with his charismatic voice. We also had the pleasure of warming up to LCD and Daft Punk once in Italy. That was a very big thing for us... We pray that they will wake the band up from the dead again.

7. Talking Heads | Once In A Lifetime
I woke up this morning with this song in my head. I like the New York sound with Tom Tom Club and bands like Talking Heads. This track is from 1981. The innocent period of the 80's. They just discovered the new possibilities of the electronic music. A golden age of last century.

8. Marc Ribot | Flicker
Talking about New York. Marc Ribot is the guitar player that has played with Tom Waits for many years. He is an amazing NY guitar player from. This album he did alone. it consists of guitar only, and reminds me of the time where I was living in New York studying Jazz and guitar playing.

9. Jakob Bro | Weightless
Jakob Bro, a friend of mine, who I occasionally play in the Copenhagen Cathedral. He plays the guitar with an intensity that is incredible though he plays softer than soft. On this album he is playing with Lee Konitz, Poul Motian, Bill Frisell and Benn Street. A true Danish guitar-master...

10. Willie Nelson & Emmylou Harris | The Maker
I am very fascinated by songwriting these days. Now reaching track 10 on my list I think it is very appropriate to end the list with an old school song... Please enjoy the lyrics and the atmosphere.