WARMER MIXTAPES #386 | by Victor Holmberg [1987] and Johan Cederberg [HNNY] of Montauk

SIDE A | by Johan Cederberg

1. Belle And Sebastian | The State That I Am In
One of my all time favorite bands. I saw them play live a few weeks back for the first time. The amazing thing is that Stuart Murdoch, now 42 years old, still sounds like a little boy. The State That I Am In opened the concert and by the first line I was back in 2000, being a teenage boy, listening to Tigermilk in my portable CD-player on my way to school.

2. The Juan Maclean | One Day
A perfect song. Often when I listen to electronic music, almost every time, I find something I would like to change in it. This is one of the few exceptions.

3. Ned Doheny | I’ve Got Your Number
Found this track pretty recently. We made an edit of another one of his tracks, Get It Up For Love for our Boys EP. This song is on the same album. Just so smooth, so easy to listen to. Everything just falls into place on this one.

4. Kraftwerk | Autobahn
Arpeggios, gotta love it! And this is pretty much as good as it gets when it comes to that. And the synthesized car-sounds are just too good to be true.

5. Armand Van Helden | U Don’t Know Me
I think the first electronic dance music I listened to was 2 Future 4 U by Armand Van Helden. And that was entirely because of this track. Just perfect house music. A nice disco sample, drums from Plastic Dreams, soulful vocals and this (3:10 in)...

6. Steve Reich/Kronos Quartet/Pat Metheny | Electric Counterpoint 1: Fast
Steve Reich is really one of my, and our, greatest inspirations. He has done so much for modern music, I don’t even know where to begin. This is such a beautiful piece of music, truly inspirational.

7. Flash & The Pan | Walking In The Rain
Feeling like a woman, looking like a man. Great lyrics on this one. And the beatbox-snare-hihat-thingy is just pure genius.

8. LCD Soundsystem | All My Friends
Oddly enough, this isn’t my favorite LCD Soundsystem-song, that’s Sound Of Silver, but I think this is one of the best pop-songs ever made.

9. Steely Dan | Deacon Blues
A few years ago, I watched this documentary about the making of Steely Dan’s Aja. I had never heard them before, but the show just blew my mind and I bought the album the next day. They’re so slick and everything is so perfect in their music, and usually I think that kind of music is complete rubbish, but somehow they can do all of this and still have soul.

10. Bon Iver | re:stacks
I’ve really thought about this, and I truly think this is the most beautiful song ever written.

SIDE B | by Victor Holmberg

1. New Order | Regret
I see myself walking down the road outside a small village in England. Perhaps it's me in 30 years. Looking back at my life, what I've become and what I've done with all the possibilities I've been given. When I was a kid wondering what it would be like being an adult. How I became what I am now from what I was like as a kid. Walking. Thinking. I would like a place I could call my own. Have a conversation on the telephone. Wake up every day that would be a start. I would not complain of my wounded heart. I was a short fuse burning all the time. You were a complete stranger. Now you are mine...

2. Low Motion Disco | Things Are Gonna Get Easier
She just kissed me. And I'm so drunk I can't even respond. I just stand there like a fool looking into her eyes. What's your name? Where are you from? Did you just kiss me? Everything starts spinning… So many stars… So many people.. I like this…

3. Joy Division | Atmosphere
I'm at the beach. Looking out over the vast sea. Squinting my eyes. Feeling the warm winds blowing in my face. In my headphones the hard drums kick me like the beat of my own heart. Some kids are playing. Some of them are lying next to their mothers in the Sun. This is good I think. It's already four o'clock. I take my bike home.

4. Wookie | Battle
In the cab on my way to see Gisele. She has bought some good weed. We're gonna hang out on her roof. It's fucking warm outside. Hope she's got some beers or some pimms… Last time we broke the fridge she has up there. Someone filled it up with sake, i think the fridge was to heavy and it just like cracked when someone accidentally hit it… Think tonite is going to be a good night..

5. Lifelike | So Electric
I can't see anything. To much smoke. The volume is so high right now wonder if people can hear what they are talking about. She hits me in the face and I wake up. She takes my hand pulls me to her. She looks like a cartoon character with that cigarette in her mouth. She laughs like a crazy person and starts jumping... I look at my shoes. I look at her.

6. Mother Love Bone | Chloe Dancer/Crown Of Thorns
Walking home. Tired. I want to lay down in my bed. Sleep. Talk to no one. Just lay there for two days and listen/do music. Watching the Sun rise outside my window. Drink a glass of milk. Make some toast and a cup of tea. Wait for someone to knock on my door.

7. Chet Baker | The Thrill Is Gone (Rudy Vallée And His Connecticut Yankees Cover)
Looking out the window. People are doing stuff. Seeing other people. I really should get out. But I don't got the strenght. I've gotta sleep. Sleep is good. Hope I'll fall asleep fast.

8. Temple Of The Dog | Hunger Strike
Me and my dog. She is walking ten feet infront of me sniffing around. The Sun hasn't come up yet. There's a warm breeze coming in over the fields of wheat. Everybody's sleeping in the house. I'm walking home.

9. Van Morrison | Sweet Thing
In my chair in the garden. The Sun is high. I can relax for the first time in a long time. I just bought this place. It's my fortress of solitude. Gisele made me a Campari & Cava. She's in the kitchen making dinner with Jocelyn and John. I scream to her, Turn Up The Volume!... I like it when you can feel the music in your heart. Fill me up.

10. Bruce Springsteen | I'm On Fire
Sometimes things are difficult. Sometimes everything's fine. I don't want to spend my life worrying. I want to sit back and enjoy, whatever is happening. When life hands me lemons I make beef stew.