WARMER MIXTAPES #385 | by David Pagmar (Montt Mardié)/[Monty]

1. Jay-Z | Dirt Off Your Sholders
I love the part of Fade To Black when Jay finds this beat in Timbaland's studio. It's the track that always gets me going. No matter how tired I am or how long the day has been, as soon as I hear it, it's on.

2. The Weeknd | Wicked Games
This track really hurts. My friend Chingann played it to me and I was at a loss for words. Crazy.

3. Paul Simon | She Moves On
This song apparently is written about Carrie Fisher. I first heard it at band camp when I was 13. I was in love with this girl. She was in love with Paul Simon. I feel good, it's a fine day. The way the Sun hits off the runway. A cloud shifts, the plane lifts. She moves on. Freakin' amazing.

4. Eddie Kendricks | I Won't Take No For An Answer
At the end of hig school, after I'd gotten hold on all the Temptations albums, the first solo album from anyone in the group that I bought was He's A Friend by Eddie Kendricks. Eddie is actually the only reason why I started to sing falsetto in the first place. This was, and is, my favorite track off that album.

5. Benga | No Bra's, No Panties
I always play this track when I'm DJing. It's smooth and harsh at the same time. It's great.

6. Moonlight Bride | Young Guns
I heard it through the wall at a friends house. Her neighbor played this so loud a glass actually fell off the table and shattered. I fell in love with it right away.

7. Prince | Diamonds And Pearls
Whenever I hear this I think of a venue we used to go to in Stockholm around the summer of -04, it was called Trädgården. It's still around, but it has moved to another location and I don't like it nowdays. I used to go there with Felipe Montt. We where into Prince. Nuff said.

8. Active Child | Body Heat (So Far Away)
I don't know exactly where I heard it, but I was really drunk at the time. And I still remembered it when I woke up the next day. Which is one of the best praises a song can get.

9. jj | You Know
This song is silly really. Silly and utterly beautiful. Which is the second best praise a song can get.

10. The Smashing Pumpkins | Stand Inside Your Love
This track also hurts a bit. It sums up a lot of things for me. It reminds me of who I was. Especially around the time I left home. For some reason I thought it was mindblowing that he sang love two times in the chorus. Who wouldn't be the one you love, who wouldn't stand inside your love.