WARMER MIXTAPES #391 | by Sebastian Döring [Lovebirds]

1. Kool & The Gang | Summer Madness
I first heard it in Jazzy Jeff's Summertime but when I listen to the original it is THE Rhodes track. I think this instrument was invented only for this one song!

2. Grant Green | Hurt So Bad
This actually hurts so very good. I just love the mood this song creates. I can listen to it anytime!

3. Gil Scott-Heron | We Almost Lost Detroit
The old drunk man - so honest, warm and direct. A song to fly away with…

4. Henri Mancini | Lujon
This takes me back to a time where the suits were tight and the trousers short! Love its appearance in one of my favourite movies too!

5. Bill Evans | Spartacus Love Theme
This has all the incredible beauty of Bill Evans in it...

6. Little Dragon | Feather
I could easily name 10 songs here that I love so much… This one Vincenzo played to me in Berlin last summer. Been played a lot since then...

7. Change | Hold Tight
One of my favourite Funk/Soul/Boogie tunes… Nothing compares to this!

8. B. B. & Q. Band | Dreamer
One of my favourite 80s Electronic Boogie tunes. Never getting tired of this!

9. Toro Y Moi | Talamak
This album has hit me big time… It was on repeat for a month or so. I was preaching this album!

10. Inner City | Big Fun
This got me into House music although I didn't know that it was called this way back then. I will always love the Inner City vibe. I think it will never go out of fashion!