WARMER MIXTAPES #395 | by Luc Derks [Luisterwaar]

1. Salva | Wake Ups
Although I discovered Salva just recently, Wake Ups really blew my mind. Packed with synthesizers and summervibes, this is my personal 2011 summer-tune. The complete album Complex Housing feels like a vacation on the beach.

2. Krampfhaft | Perfect Gain Structure
I don't know why, but everytime when I listen to this tune, weird things happen. When the track in finished, I suddenly remember I've gotten out of my chair in an adrenaline rush, almost thrashing my room.

3. Raadsel | Ressurection
Now THIS is what I call The Future. Raadsel is a friend of mine who sneak-previewed this track of his upcoming album to me. It will melt off your face, you'll find out when it's released.

4. Shlohmo | Teeth
The name says it all, just put your jaws together and scrape your teeth back and forth. These sounds grind me into a psycho serial-killer (figuratively speaking).

5. James Blake | I Never Learnt To Share
The wizardry and creativity in this song is one of the biggest inspirational sources to me. It makes me feel everything is allowed in music.

6. Flying Lotus | Zodiac Shit
You don't need coffee in the morning, inject some Zodiac Shit in your veins and your good to go. The heroin of music.

7. Dorian Concept | Her Tears Taste Like Pears
I wonder how my tears taste... Yes, I cry when listening this one. It's just too beautiful.

8. Vlooper & KenLo Craqnuques | Lokombe
This one helped dragging me into the beat-scene or how you would like to call it. Filthy gated sounds with messed up drums. That's how you can touch my soul.

9. Slugabed | Titans
I think this is my oldest favorite of this list. Godlike power in this track! I think it's Slugabed who awaits you at the gates of heaven.

10. Herrmutt Lobby | Fat Manual
This track has one of the best arrangements I know. Nothing really pops out to be the main sound, everything is balanced into one big FAT bangin' track!