WARMER MIXTAPES #396 | by Maria Apetri [Fallulah]

I’ve chosen a mix of my older favourites, and what I’ve recently started listening to.

1. Bat For Lashes | Sleep Alone
The lyrics in this song are so fine, especially the line saying: Lonely, lonely, lonely, cause my mother told me, the dream of love, is a two hearted dream... It’s a very dreamy melancholic song, with beautiful organic-sounding instruments, and Natasha Khan's pure and clear voice topping it off. Lovely.

2. Broken Bells | The Ghost Inside
The Ghost Inside is just summer to me. It’s so light and melodic, and James Mercer’s soft high voice is really good for the ears. There are several good songs on the album, but this is my favourite.

3. CocoRosie | Smokey Taboo
Sometimes you fall for a track, and it’s all you want to hear. I’ve felt this way for quite a while with Smokey Taboo. When I decided to buy CocoRosie’s latest album, it was my first, and I didn’t know quite what to expect, but their strange theatrical universe instantly appealed to me. I hope to catch them live someday.

4. Gorillaz | Kids With Guns
This is one of the songs that I’ve covered in my live shows. I absolutely love it, and basically everything that Damon Albarn has touched. He is so brilliant, and I would really love to get the chance to work with him some fine day.

5. Buena Vista Social Club | Chan Chan
This song is dusty and warm, and it makes me want to be somewhere dusty and warm. If I close my eyes, I can feel the Sun on my skin. There’s so much soul here. You can tell that there’s real people and stories behind it, and even though I don’t understand the meaning of all the words, it really gets to me.

6. Sleigh Bells | Infinity Guitars
High energy, switch off your brain. Infinity Guitars is pure body-music. I’m addicted to the dirty raw production, and of course, the guitars. Alexis Krauss’ vocals are cool and distorted. I love that it’s so in your face. I have no idea what it’s about, I just know that I can’t sit still, when I listen to this, and I usually have to repeat it a couple of times, because it’s so short

7. Jefferson Airplane | Somebody To Love
This is a great classic. It takes me back to when I moved away from home 7 years ago, and I studied Dance in Copenhagen. In the nights I had a job bartending at a smokey beer bar, and I would always play old vinyls, especially Jefferson Airplane and The Doors. I love Grace Slick’s voice. She must have been the hottest chick at Woodstock.

8. Yeah Yeah Yeahs | Gold Lion
The YYY’s must be my favourite band! They made a huge impact on me, with their energy, wildness and strong melodies. I discovered them while living in New York, and it was a really important time in my life. It was during my stay that I decided to take the leap, and pursue my dream of making music. I think somehow Karen O helped a little in giving me the courage I needed.

9. The White Stripes | Fell In Love With A Girl
Another short song that bears repeating. I’ve been a fan of The White Stripes ever since discovering them back in high school. It’s a good blend of something old and new. It has 60’s and 70’s references, without it being retro. I like Meg’s minimalist drumming style.

10. Fiona Apple | Paper Bag
It’s one of the most important songs in my life. I discovered Fiona Apple, when I was a teenager, and a whole new world of music opened up to me. I had never before understood how powerful and important lyrics are, but this song made me realize that when an artist shares their personal stories with their listener, it’s much more special. That’s when I decided to be honest and write about myself in my songs.