WARMER MIXTAPES #398 | by Peter Moolenaar [Raadsel]

1. Burial | Street Halo
Everybody loves a bit of Burial's music, good to hear his new EP.

2. Wu Lyf | Heavy Pop
Sick new upcoming band! Heavy pop is good after a bad day at work.

3. Luisterwaar | Coffee & Sigarettes
Great emotional track by my homie Luisterwaar, gives me a nice feeling.

4. Subp Yao | 4 am (unreleased)
Sick track by my other homie Subp Yao, like the tracks says 4 am... It really gives me the feeling it was made on 4 am :) (unreleased track tough!)

5. Kijk Een Ster | Maby For Koes
This track by my homie Kijkeenster was first for some rapper, but then he gave Subp Yao and me a listen and we both said: no man, you got to release that shit how it is!

6. Mount Kimbie | Ruby
When I heard this track live, I felt on the ground crying + I could write every Mount Kimbie track here... They are a big inspiration!

7. Krampfhaft | Grind
Krampfhaft is the new upcoming Jukehero!

8. Nosaj Thing | Us

9. Modeselektor | The White Flash (feat. Thom Yorke)
Thom Yorke and Modeselektor is a very good combination.

10. The Killimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble | Shadows
This group is amazing, a must checkout, I like the dark stuff in al their songs