WARMER MIXTAPES #399 | by Brendan Gijzen [Kijk Een Ster]

1. Krampfhaft | Carl Sagan The Man
The first time when I heard this song was in a car. We were on a roadtrip, heading for Hamburg. Suddenly this song came on. The effect: Luisterwaar, Subp Yao and I went mad, nod our heads like crazy. The volume on max. Peddel to the floor, flying over the German highway. And Krampfhaft just checking us out and thinking: this track is probably gooood.

2. C-mon & Kypski | Black Mountain/Green Rainbow
This band/producer duo always was, and is a big inspiration for me. There is no musically boundary for them. Every album is different. It was hard to choose one track. But this track I really love. Feels like a movie.

3. Miles Davis | Blue In Green
Kind Of Blue is a classic. That’s for sure, almost everybody agrees on that. This is my favorite track on that album. Heard this for the first time in a classroom. The teacher told us. Just watch outside of the window and chill, and let the World pas you by. So I did and it was a great feeling.

4. Benny Sings | Big Brown Eyes (Radio Edit)
Discovered him a couple of years ago. Somebody gave me some albums from Benny and I really liked it. Everytime when I listen to it. It makes my day a little better.

5. DâM-FunK | Hood Pass Intact
After listening a couple of songs by DâM-FunK... I wanna make me a beat and do the c-walk.

6. James Blake | The Bells Sketch
I’m not a big fan of his new album. But I love his old instrumental work. That guy is crazy. And a big influence for me. Really like the layers and also the sort of emptiness in his tracks. The Bells Sketch is a great example.

7. Raadsel | Dogbite
This track is really sick. Feel that bassline. Makes me wanna look angry, standing on a streetcorner with my pitbull. This will release soon.

8. Subp Yao | Fearfull Chill
2 years ago I sat almost everyday in his studio. Chillin, getting inspiration, learning. And listening to his signature sub bass. Awesome time that was. The man is now in the lab working on his first release.

9. Luisterwaar | Roadtrip
Heard this track for the first time in his 10 story building/home. Great chilled out track, from his dry/wet mini album. Makes me feel good.

10. Roestvogel | Ravevogel
Showing some love to my brother. A great dj and producer/engineer. Because of him I make beats. He gave me my first music program 6 years ago.