WARMER MIXTAPES #400 | by Jared Phillips of Times New Viking

1. The Dootz | A.C.N.E. (I've Got Acne)
When I was 12 I got bad acne. This track helped me thru some tough times. A local rockabilly named Deuce traded me this single for my huffy dual-twin speed unicycle. No foolin'. Deuce later jumped off the Mad River Bridge. His girl Crystal was foolin around on him with this guy, The Dootz. Apparently The Dootz didn't really have acne at all, but channelled the anger of it in this gem.

3. The Rolling Stones | Sad Day
Did you know you can play a cracked 45 just by snapping it back together? So did I! That's what happened here and now I listen to it whenever Keith Mosey's on over for blood donations. He likes to hear the old records sometimes, you know? And who can blame him?

3. Gravity Craze | Song For M
Here's one from a Messthetics comp, which basically proves how cool I am by letting someone else do all the grunt work and put these comps together, then I get to tell you how cool it is. Which it is. I could've just put together a whole list of these songs, but that would be too easy and I want to earn my money. Wait, I AM getting paid for this, right?

3. The Fall | 2nd Dark Age
One of the only lines I can make out clearly in this one is the single people are screwed. Either way I feel like I'm in a 2nd dark age sometimes too. Or a 3rd. Or 4th or 5th or 6th or 29th. Maybe that's just from being in a fucking band for so long now... Poor me, I know. All I know is this comes on late at night and it doesn't get much better. Scary how good it is.

4. Tone Deaf & The Idiots | Remoulds (2nd Time Around)
Another 2nd song!? We need a band like this nowadays to make fun of Shitgaze, Chillwave, Shitwave, Jaredgaze, Twitterwave and all this other shit. Plus they probly have the best band name ever. Same old faces tryin to make it with a different sound. End. Scene.

5. The Four Plugs | Wrong Treatment
Another classic at the suggestion of Roland Woodbe (of Siltbreeze Records fame). Speaking of, where are all of our Siltbreeze royalties?! All we've ever gotten from them is a lot of succulent, succulent meals! Dwa?! Give me the royalties and I can make ramen noodles anytime, thank you! You must've thought you were very tactful, Mr. Woodbe. Indeed.

6. Tank Farm | Eggnog Lush
Similar to The Iceplants, if yr familiar. Spooky song about a granny who only drinks at Xmas. Nice dry vocal delivery. She got crackin now shes cracked up. Drinks the blood of Christ sunny side up!... Can't beat that really, now can you? Look for it on the Gin Rummy label out of Georgia, also responsible for the amazing Resin Road records.

7. Resin Road | Tears On The Rail
Southern misfits from '74. Bar rock but inept (that's the best, you know). Apparently they were legendary partiers as here they've come up with the only crying over your cocaine song I can think of. Country music had that tear in my beer song, but these guys went the next step. Recorded live at some kind of fair or hog roast or something. No shittin.

8. The White Pop | Slit Riffs
I can't really tell you how good this riff is. You have to hear it. Imagine if you combined War Pigs with the best hot sauce ever. BALLS. So I guess the title is appropriate. Maybe we should do a cover of this one... It's from the mythical Constance Bieber's Marshmallows collection of danish pre-punk. Rare in itself. Got a copy of this from Deuce as well, got only knows how he came onto it?!

9. Zingers From The Hollywood Squares
Great record. I use snippets from this whenever I make mix tapes. Clears out a house party better than S.P.K. or The Goo Goo Dolls. Paul Lynde is obviously the highlight here, no question. Maybe they play this on some retro game show channel or something. I'm surprised my shitty basic TV doesn't get it at 5am. That would be brilliant.