WARMER MIXTAPES #411 | by Joseph Jones [Balder-]

1. Buoyhood | Kaleidoscopic Flashback
Fantastic synth based Lo-Fi Ambient sweetness.

2. KWJAZ Lite | It Is It
Really good 70's, 80's styled oddness with a load of changes in the progression that really work effectively.

3. Indian Weapons | Strange Church Of Cactus Eaters
Great occult synth/drone by the amazing and prolific Nathan Young and Brad Rose of Peyote Tapes and Digitalis respectively.

4. Lukas Foss | Paradigm
Interesting, constructed spontaneous piece that seems to line up really well with early work by Jandek or even Seductive Sprigs (really cool side project of Zs if you've never listened) despite it having a larger, more orchestrated sound and coming from more classical, academic realm.

5. Keith Tippet Group | Thank You For The Smile
Sensual Prog Jazz from the late sixties.

6. Hobo Cubes | Enigmatic Fields
Absolutely one of the best projects right now doing electronic, library tape stuff that you can get hold of and listen to.

7. Estelle | Break My Heart (feat. Rick Ross)
Sweet vocals entwined with a mesh of old school soul and chillwave progressions. The fact Rick Ross is in it and nothing seems to be auto-tuned is a big plus as well.

8. Luigi Nono | Cotrappunto Dialettico Alla Mente
Love the vocal dominance of this piece in relation to the wonderfully manipulated tape part. Also, I just really have a crush for Italian operatic singing.

9. Names Divine | Angel From Montgomery
Rad gritty, upbeat track from this ten piece based in Chicago.

10. Isa Christ | Ruin Song
A good combination of harsh noise, and intimacy. Makes more sense when you listen to it.

+11. Ornette Coleman | What Reason Could I Give
Been really into Free Jazz the last few months, and the guy at my local record store, Revolver Records, has really been playing into my addiction for it with all the Ornette Coleman and Sun Ra he's been supplying me with. Really just like the main melody of the voice with all this off to the side stuff with the sax and horns that truly in my opinion seems to make the piece what it's worth.

+12. Alexey Rybnikov | Thunderstorm
Insanely mesmerizing, nostalgic harpsichord piece from one of the greatest film composers ever. He is the Russian equivalent to John Barry.

+13. Maurizio Bianchi | Belzec
A staple in my book as far as early 80s noise.

+14. Blood Diamonds | Heart
Can't but help to dance to this, even if there are onlookers.

+15. Prince Rama | Rest In Peace
A really rad, soulful track that with the power of rhythm and synthesizers has an outstanding ritualistic vibe. (Shout out to other outstanding projects: Alms, Sick Llama, Cornelius F. Van Stafrin III, Tarr, Michael Collins, Kyle Clyde, Milky Sway, Pregnant Spore. GAH! Wish I could name everyone and everything, but too many awesome projects are coming to mind.)