WARMER MIXTAPES #412 | by Damien Shinto [Dr. Shinto]

1. Wiseblood | 0-0 (Where Evil Dwells)
The monumental project from Jim Thirwell back in '87 (album Dirtdish). An album as modern as anything in Industrial, Experimental music still today.

2. Foetus | English Faggot/Nothin Man
From his album Thaw in my opinion one of his best. This is how music should be put together.

3. Christian Death | This Is Heresy
Their best track. Very inspirational.

4. Killing Joke | Tension
The rise of the Titans Killing Joke in '81. Inspiring all bands from Rock to Electronic music and is still today. The feeling of constant doom...

5. Einst├╝rzende Neubauten | Z.N.S
So many tracks to choose from. They have probably ment as much for Alternative music as David Bowie for pop music.

6. The Birthday Party | Mutiny In Heaven
The craziness of this band is monumental and have inspired me in many ways. Needless to say the band that gave birth to the career of Nick Cave.

7. Differnet | Mycobacterium Tubercolosis
The Swedish band came out with this album in 2003 and was no doubt one of that years best releases. An epic album.

8. Big Black | Kerosene
I just wish they were still around. They did what noone else have done.

9. Scott Walker | And Who Shall Go To The Ball? : 2nd Movement
This genius changed ways in the middle of a great career and change the ways of making and perceiving music as we know it...

10. Skinny Puppy | Assimilate
In original version, their best track still today. Raw energy and madness.