WARMER MIXTAPES #414 | by Ousama Bijjou [B-Ju]

1. Pariah | Safehouses
Safehouses was my favourite track in 2010. It reminds so much of a movie called Dolores that took place in a stormy island at the American eastcoast. The wavy soundscapes evokes that picture of nature in a perfect sense. The title fits so well to the track. It's like feeling home in a place you never been before.

2. Charles Mingus | Track B - Duet Solo Dancers
I think Charles Mingus is the only musician that gives me goosebumbs. I really tried it out. Played some Mingus = Goosebumbs, played music by someone else = no goosebumbs. I don't no if it's the bass, the arrangement or just a genetic defect but he gets me everytime. I fuckin love the sped up thing you can hear in so many Mingus-Tracks. You can barely smell the smoke, see the postitues and feel the whole intensity of a short moment the tracks tells about. This track is fat before the word fat was even invented.

3. Sonic Mechatronik Arkestra | Who's Your Daddy
I had the good fortune to work with Mattis, who is the band leader of Sonic Mechatronik Arkestra. Everytime I'm listeing to that track I feel kinda ashamed, because I never had the chance to tell him how much I love this track. The whole chord progression tells so much about some sort of Scandinavian vitality and zest of life. Everytime I listen to the track I feel like a baby who sits on the rear seat of my mother's bicycle while she is cycling with her white sneakers through the Central Park. I never was in Central Park with my mom btw.

4. Montgomery Clunk | Surrender
I think that making music has something to do with some sort of natural order. Finding the right key at the right time means also to put something together that belongs together. Monty is one of few who is able to bring those parts together. There is one moment in this track where the chords and the drums goes so well together that you don't ask for style or sound. It's like how it was supposed to be. If you have a idea of what I'm talking about you should put Monty on a throne only because of this second.

5. iL | Babylon
Maaaaaan, that track killed me the first time I heard on his Soundcloud page. Unfortunately he took it down after one day, so I just heard it 6 or 7 times. iL put a different version on apoLLo1ne3hree but I don't even wanna hear it. The memories on that track were just perfect.

6. Pharaoh Sanders | You've Got To Have Freedom
This track is for my very good friend Danilo.

7. Unknown Shapes | If I Should Die
I remember when I heard the track the first time I was like please don't change anything but it kept getting better and better within the 6 minutes. I'm not sure if it says anything about me that a track entitled If I Should Die gets me super hype, but that's my aid after a shitty day.

8. Richard Skelton | Threads Across The River
Most slept on album in 2010. I always listen to that track when I take a nap, which is the biggest compliment I can give to musician.

9. Quasimoto
What can I say about Madlib that hasn't been said before? Technical wise, flow wise... Brilliant. Period!

10. Oriol | Solar
This track is pure magic. I think that Oriol is totally underrated. His last EP was so ridiculous. The way he flips the Keyshia Cole sample in that haunting way is just witchcraft.