WARMER MIXTAPES #413 | by Frida Selander

1. Nina Simone | Love Me Or Leave Me
I could easily fill this list with Nina Simone only. She's my favorite artist of all. This song is nice to dance a foxtrot to. I love the piano solo she does in it, it's wild and groovy.

2. Lucinda Williams | Copenhagen
I just recently discovered Lucinda. My girlfriend bought her album Blessed, and I couldn't stop listen to it. The verses in this song…They hit me like…A snowball struck in my face. The melody, the words, her voice, it's breathtaking.

3. Kids Of The Ranch | Yours Domestic
I got to know Imri Sandsröm in highschool, since then we've done a lot of nice and wicked things together. She's a brilliant artist. Kids of the ranch is just one of her projects, wich she does together with Elin Mörkberg. They have a great sense for melodies and a good sense of humour. And, they are smart.

4. 22-Pistepirkko | Lights By The Highway
Sleep good, rock well. Three excentric finns. This band is crazy. I've seen them live two times, I can't wait to see them again. They always seem to do exactly what they think is fun, I like that, the music is playful. It's something about Finland. My friend/drummer/producer Oskar, is half-Finnish, and he is a genius too.

5. A Heavy Feather | Hannover
This is the first single from David Sandström's solo-project A Heavy Feather. The album will be released in September, I can't wait! I've played a lot with David, in Overdrive, it has brought a lot of joy to my life. David is a wonderful friend, and a great musician. He always inspires and fascinates me.

6. Patti Smith Group | Piss Factory
What can I say? The purest Rock 'n' Roll. The purest poetry. Patti is brave and wild, and she speaks about things, that are important.

7. Frida Hyvönen | Enemy Within
Hyvönen is a genius. A dandy, yes. She is one of a kind. I'm curious for what she will do next.

8. Jenny Lewis | The Next Messiah
This is a masterpiece. And it never ends. 8 minutes and 45 seconds. I tend to like when songs are stretched out…When you get a nice jam. The whole album Acid Tongue is really good. The sound is so warm and rich. Brilliant songs, and she sings like a goddess.

9. Folkvang | Ensamhetens Famn
A dreamy band from Umeå. Sometimes it's so nice with instrumental music. The songs becomes different stories each time you listen to them. Or just images, colours, landscapes. It's peaceful.

10. Neil Young | Like A Hurricane
This song takes me to nice places, that I can't find by myself. The guitar solo, I slide away in that, I leave my head. I really need this song. Neil is my favorite guitarist.