WARMER MIXTAPES #416 | by Micah Clark [I AM WATER]

Had a hard time deciding cause I suck at picking favorites, so I just kind of chose at random.

1. Otomo Yoshihide's New Jazz Ensemble | Preach
Reminds me of being drunk in Japan with school girls. It’s a great contrast of innocence and naughty nature.

2. Madonna | Bedtime Stories
I love Madonna when she was in her prime. Some of her housier music is really great. This song was written in part by Björk and produced (as well as written) by Nellee Hooper, their influences really lend themselves to Madonna's style. Everyone in this song is represented really well and it is an awesome collaboration.

3. Goldfrapp | Utopia
Honestly this song reminds me of the Internet. You are wired to the World and numbed to your surroundings.

4. Spiritualized | Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space
This song is so simple, yet so beautiful in my opinion. With big orchestral flourishes and simple lyrics. A wonderful juxtaposition of emotions.

5. Björk | Crystalline
If I could include every Björk song to exist I would. This woman can seriously do no wrong in my eyes in terms of music. This song is so textural and beautiful. I love the mallets paired with the heavy bassy beats, and then that breakdown before the song ends. Golden.

6. Moloko | Over My Head
If you know me, you know I love Róisín Murphy. You also know I love Trip Hop/Nu-Jazz/Electronic music. I love the lyrics so much and the melody adds all the cool this song could ever need.

7. The Knife | I Just Had To Die
I was introduced to The Knife by my aunt, who ultimately introduced me to a lot of the music I love today at a very young age. She went on a trip to Denmark and brought me home a few souvenirs, one of them being the album Deep Cuts. From there my obsession with this duo grew. Something about I Just Had To Die in particular really resonates with me.

8. The Books | Tokyo
This song is really the first song I go to if I need to clear my mind. The sounds are so crisp and clean, that's what I really love about The Books.

9. Adam And The Ants | Prince Charming
The perfect song to boost your self confidence. I feel 10x better about myself after listening to this song a majority of the time. Ridicule is nothing to be scared of. And the screams at the beginning of the song are probably my favorite screams on any song. Ha.

10. Xiu Xiu | Dear God, I Hate Myself
The ultimate anthem of self hate. You feel like things will never change. That’s not always the case though, things eventually get better for some.