WARMER MIXTAPES #417 | by Adam Wickens [∆dmin]

1. Lone | Petrcane Beach Track
I love everything by Lone, but this one stands out for me. Takes me on a journey, perfect for walking through town on a summers day. I aspire to create such epic, complex synth patterns as Lone one day, very big artist for me at the moment.

2. Flying Lotus | RobertaFlack (feat. Dolly)
When I first heard this track I was just getting into my flylo. The combination of intelligent beats and beautiful vocal does it for me on this one. The Los Angeles album was a massive influence for me because it was the first time I'd heard someone experiment so far outside the box. These days I listen to anything on Brainfeeder, I'm pretty much addicted.

3. Klute | Hell Hath No Fury
I listened to alot of Drum And Bass when I was younger but I could appreciate tunes like this alot more than jump up DnB and that. This tune has alot more too it than your average drum and bass tune. This is a Jungle symphony trust me.

4. The Juan Maclean | One Day (Surkin Remix)
I've always been a sucker for feel-good House tunes and this remix pretty much embodies everything about them I love. This tune has everything going on and I love when I get the opportunity to play it out. Always demands a sing along.

5. Fatboy Slim | North West Three
I grew up listening to my dad's Fatboy Slim cd's and I've seen him play a couple of times now. He is so energetic on stage and really gets the crowd going, but I like how this track strays away from that stereotype. Really cool track. Reminds me of good festival times too.

6. Joe Goddard | Apple Bobbing (Four Tet Remix)
I swear this track once cured a hangover! Really soft percussion and floaty synths. The vocal just seals it.

7. Lapalux | There Are Monsters In This Bed
I like this song alot, it's not very long but I don't think it needs to be. The vocals are so nice and the beat is sick. Love the contrast as dark, distorted bass creeps through. Definitely going to keep a close eye on Lapalux.

8. Midland | Through Motion
Amazing crisp production and I love anything housey. When the female vocal comes in half way through hairs on the back of my neck stand up, definitely got to be in my 10. This is exactly the kind of music I want to producing and mixing and listening too.

9. Deejay Punk-Roc | My Beatbox (Les Rythmes Digitales Remix)
This tune is just ridiculous, who wouldn't dance to this? The stabs in the middle are the best thing I've ever heard, haha. Plus Stuart Price is a don.

10. Floating Points | K&G Beat
Such a good morning song. I had it as an alarm for a couple of days but it didn't work, I just used to smile and go back to sleep. Now i'll just listen with a cup of tea or something. Outright awesome tune.