WARMER MIXTAPES #420 | by Johan AngergÄrd of Acid House Kings, Poprace, Club 8, Pallers, Eternal Death, Djustin and The Legends

1. Cass McCombs | County Line
There's something very homely and cozy about the latest Cass McCombs album and this song is my favourite of them all.

2. Thurston Moore | Benediction
This one sort of puts me in the same mood as Cass McCombs actually. I've never been a fan of Sonic Youth, but after having heard their wonderful cover of Superstar I always figured something good might come from them in one way or the other.

3. Austra | The Beat And The Pulse
I've been too lazy to DJ often this year. The Beat And The Pulse makes me want to start a club in a dark and hard to find cellar where I can play this far too loud.

4. Peaking Lights | All The Sun That Shines
It puts me to sleep. And I mean that in the best positive way.

5. Tim Hecker | In The Fog II
A mesmerizing late night listen.

6. PJ Harvey | On Battleship Hill
At last there's a reason to listen to PJ Harvey. It sends me off to far away places.

7. Craft Spells | The Fog Rose High
Such gorgeous album cover artwork. I knew I'd love them when I first saw it.

8. Zola Jesus | Vessel
I hated this kind of powerful voices when I was younger and would probably have dismissed Zola Jesus as meretricious. I love the drama, the touch of goth and simplicity of the arrangements. It's powerful.

9. How To Dress Well | Ready For The World
I notice that this is the third late night/almost asleep - track on my list. I guess my habit of listening to music in headphones late at night is starting to affect my taste in music.

10. Cold Cave | Confetti
This sounds like something a synth pop band from my home town might have recorded in the 80's or 90's. I'm surprised I like it so much.