WARMER MIXTAPES #419 | by James Miller Krištofik [Body Cheetah/Father Longlegs]

1. Indigo Girls | Galileo
The first time I heard this song I was in a Pier 1 with my mom and I was still a baby. And I just would not stop crying, and then this song came on the radio in the store and I was dead silent as soon as those fuckin' bongos started playing. Its the only song that can truly relax me.

2. James Taylor | Sweet Baby James
When I couldn't sleep at night my mom would sing this to me. My mom was a vocalist and a musician, so she has a really beautiful voice. I'm also a very to-myself person; I don't like being with people or around people. I'm very selective about who I talk to. The life of a Cowboy... Lonely on the ranch herding buffalo and shit.

3. Linkin Park | Crawling
In 4th grade a was such a little punk, died my hair purple, wore black and spikes on my wrist and etc. Linkin Park was my jam. Always had Hybrid Theory bumpin' in my CD-player, which I still have! I really had no reason to be as emo as a I was, but I freaked out all the kids in my school so I was cool with it.

4. Aphex Twin | Beskhu3upnm
I pretty much grew up in Normandy, France. Aphex Twin is definitely my biggest influence for making music. Such wide range of talent and always captured some sort of feeling in hits songs. My town in Normandy (Veules Les Roses) is still very medieval looking, so I always used to walk around town listening to Drukqs.

5. a-ha | Take On Me
This one goes out to my old room mate and best friend Jack Bersani and my other best friend Sleepy. So many countless hours jamming to this song super drunk at night.

6. Bob Seger | Night Moves
This song reminds me of riding in the passenger seat of my dads car on our way to upstate New York, during a rain storm. Bob Seger is a badass motherfucker and anyone who thinks different is a clown. His voice makes panties drop and I'm sure of it, I've seen it happen.

7. The Cave Singers | Dancing On Our Graves
This reminds me of last fall. Me and my best friend Matt Lindahl went to this lost and forgotten town called Dudley Town in Western Connecticut. It is in the middle of the woods and we didn't get there until dark, and this satanic group called The Dark Entry Forrest Association guards this town because they perform rituals there. So we were sneaking around in the woods trying to find this town, without flashlights or anything. We didn't end up finding it, but we listened to this song during night time driving through the country and it was so surreal.

8. Zero 7 | Destiny (with Sia Furler and Sophie Barker)
This song makes me think about the one girl I fell in love with. This song means a lot to me.

9. The Tuss | Shiz Ko E
Back when I was doing a lot of psychedelics I used to jammmmmm to The Tuss, while on the Tuss. Dance for hours on end to these cheese beats. Wobble my knees and lock and pop and so forth.

10. The Knife | Got 2 Let U
My driving song. It's a song that you can really cruise to and actually look badass enough to look like a douche bag. And this kind of music really doesn't fly in my town. We just have a bunch of Dub-Step and Pop-House retards.