WARMER MIXTAPES #426 | by Harley Streten [Flume] of What So? Not

1. Fatboy Slim | Right Here, Right Now
This track's off one of the first albums that I ever bought You've Come A Long Way, Baby. I instantly fell in love with it and couldn't wait to bring the CD to After School Care to show everyone (I must have been about 8 years old at the time). So I bring it in one day and give it to one of the girls looking after us to put on the CD player in the main room. Problem is, I forgot about the third track on the album titled In Heaven. The lyrics go a little something like this Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven, Fatboy Slim is fucking in heaven, fucking and fucking and fucking in heaven... Yeah... That was the last time I brought a CD to After School Care...

2. Flying Lotus | Zodiac Shit
There's something about this groove that I will never get over. I always picture a skating clip to this song, flowing, one trick after another.

3. Stick Figures | Number 1
This track brings me back o the early days, when the prospect of getting on the booze with your mates was super exciting. Pretty much every weekend I would take an hour and a half long bus ride up to a friends house with this tune as the sound track.

4. The Chemical Brothers | Surface To Air
If there's a long journey ahead, you can be sue this track is going to get a beating! Every year my family drives up the coast to go camping for a few weeks. Ever since my friend showed me this track back in 2005 I have been listening to it on long car rides religiously.

5. Fabio Fonda | Broken
This has to be one of the greatest gems I have ever found. It was on a Future Music Mag DVD sitting in the Demos section. It's quite a dark track but there's something about it that I have always found incredibly comforting. All time favourite for sure!

6. Boards Of Canada | Dawn Chorus
This is the soundtrack to a very special day with a very special group of friends. We painted, we drew lay in the grass and watched the clouds roll past. Lots of positive energy in this tune.

7. Gerry Rafferty | Baker Street
Possibly the most bad-ass saxophone riff ever invented. I played this on sax at a grade 10 school concert, all the mums were loooooving it.

8. Flying Lotus | GNG BNG
Again Flylo kills it with another infectious groove. This was the first kind of Experimental/Wacky I really fell in love with. He throws the musical rule book out the window in terms of structure and tones. Hearing how well this could work pushed me to be more creative in terms of production.

9. Pretty Lights | Finally Moving
This one has Bali written all over it. Every time this tune plays I think of sitting back on floating chairs, melting out in the pool surrounded by friends. Bali, good times!

10. Teenage Bad Girl | Vacuum
When the French Electro scene was taking over about 4 or 5 years ago I stumbled across this track. It's a super harsh electro banger which captures my frustration in not being old enough to go out clubbing. None on my mates were really into this kind of stuff, so every now and then when we went out to parties I would crack out the headphones and have a dance. Wheew!