WARMER MIXTAPES #427 | by Steven Hall [Buddhist Army] of Arthur's Landing

Photo by Chaturon Konghin.

1. Poolside | Harvest Moon
Poolside music has invented a new genre - Daytime Disco.

2. Hurts | Sunday (Seamus Haji Remix)
Seamus Haji’s mixes are seamless and stellar. He’s maybe the best.

3. Omarion | Ice Box (Futuresecks Remix)
This young team transformed a generic R&B song into metaphysics.

4. John Denver | Country Roads (Pretty Lights Remix)
A definition of remix. Recycling and re-inventing at the same time.

5. Arthur Russell | This Is How We Walk On The Moon (Luke Foskey Re-Edit)
This excellent remix by young Luke from Oz made him an overnight star.

6. Black Tiger Sex Machine | Girls Of Winter
Hook-filled killer groove from my favorite Canadian mixing tribe.

7. RS2 | Keep It Hot (Freaky Meltdown)
My favorite skate rock band from California. Wonderful bass player.

8. The Boy Called Hedge | Don't Behave As A Hedgehog
My favorite singer/songwriter these days. Haunting voice and atmosphere.

9. Selection | Rebel On The Run (Andrew Clarke Re-Edit)
The best re-editor on the scene. His productions are funky elegante.

10. Bee Gees/Cole Medina | Cole Loves Your Insides Out (Internet Thieving Mix)
There are thousands of Bee Gees reworks. This puts them all to shame.

+11. Imagination & Missy Elliot | Gotta Keep Workin' It (Greg Wilson Mash-Up)
Two classic hits combined to create an inspired synergy. Juicy fruit!

+12. Drop Out Orchestra | The Swedish Taboo (Sade’s The Sweetest Taboo Remix)
Sade plus the best mixing team from Sweden. You can't go wrong!

+13. 31G | Logan's Run
31G is one of my fave indie bands from Hong Kong. I did a free street concert with them last April in Hong Kong in the rain. There is a very healthy indie music scene in Hong Kong despite the fact that there are very few places for live music there. My good friend Kung runs this monthly series of concerts in various outdoor locations because that way he can reach new audiences directly and by word-of-mouth.

+14. Buddhist Army | Way He Looks (feat. Hung Chui Fung) (Lan Kwai Fong Mix)
I wrote this song in my early twenties. I think it is one of my best songs because the ideas are so simple and heartfelt. It is about the great love of my life Johnny. We were together for fifteen years and we are still best friends. He is a living angel and the biggest regret I have is that I took him for granted when we were together. Because I thought we would be together for ever. But life is full of surprises and mystery. In this version of the song recorded last April in Hong Kong my friend Kung plays the electric viola (he recorded with Arthur’s Landing many years ago) and another old friend Hung Chiu Fung sings the Mandarin vocal (HCF also did the translation).

+15. Miss Bee | Fly Away
Michelle Bee aka Miss Bee is well-known as a disco singer in the UK, but what is more interesting is her own improvised songs... Both intimate and engaging with her sweet voice tinged with vulnerability... She has been a source of inspiration to me because listening to her improv songs gave me the feeling to start writing songs again through improvising myself after a long dry spell. So my newest song is for her.

+16. Recent Memory | I'll Be Outside (Arthur Russell)
Recent Memory is a side project done by myself and Joyce Bowden. Joyce is one of the original members of Arthur's Landing and was Arthur’s favorite female singer. Several of his songs were written with her in mind. The poignant aspect of all this is that we are no longer good friends because of arguments over Arthur's Landing and we no longer sing together.

+17. Stylish Nonsense | Undercovers Agent
Stylish Nonsense is my fave band in Bangkok where I spend a lot of time. I first saw them play at a Nike fashion show. Two scruffy hippy type guys who seemed to be just goofing around but through their funky jazzy improv they gradually built up a warm wall of sound that engulfed the event and made the fashion show much more glam. Since then I have been following their trajectory like the last Space Shuttle launch!

+18. PO-TENCH! | Introducing: The Dalai Lama
My fave track of last year. A fabulous romp. I love its wild changes and the sense of humor which informs every turn. Of course the idea of adding the Dalai Lama to a dubby mashup track is wild enough yet somehow it works. I love the combo of high and low style here. Of course as a Buddhist myself I love the Dala Lama although I would love him much more if he would say that it was okay for gay people to have sex!!

+19. Buddhist Army | Knockin' On Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan Cover)
One of the most powerful political songs ever written. For years I tried to resist liking Dylan’s work but this song broke my heart when I first heard it. The raw emotion it portrays comes from somewhere deep inside and evokes a primeval feeling of longing and melancholy. If a song can change the World then this would be a good candidate as a pure entreaty. A document from the anti-war protests of the sixties.