WARMER MIXTAPES #431 | by Dennis Kane [Citizen Kane]

Photo by Ruth Bartlett.

1. John Williams | The Missouri Breaks (Main Title)
John Williams is best known for scoring a lot of really heavy handed soundtracks for Steven Spielberg's heavy handed movies... For this Arthur Penn Anti-Western though, he composed this Minimal haunting title track, great harmonica, nice dark vibe. Marlon Brando is insanely brilliant in this film - one of his many unbelievable performances.

2. Arthur's Landing | Love Dancing (Is It All Over My Face) (feat. Joyce Bowden and Nomi of Hercules And Love Affair)
Comprised of a number of the late great Arthur Russel's friends and colleagues, Arthur's Landing takes the Loose Joints classic and turns it into a sultry aubade. The rhythm unwinds like a sated body slowly waking, the trombone both sad and lurid... Sweet sparse murmured vocals.

3. Marvin Gaye | Heavy Love Affair
This song swings so easily, it has an amazing walking bass line. His vocals slide behind the beat, and then he catches up - like he's chasing a lover he desperately wants... The song is saturated with longing, what are these things I'm feeling, baby, what are these strange emotions...

4. Apollo Heights | Sad Cabaret (Phil Mison Remix)
This will be out this fall, Apollo Heights are a great band, the original is beautiful as well, and my man Phil Mison gives it a balearic bounce, great acoustic guitars, and Daniel's voice shimmers... More from these gents soon.

5. Herb Alpert | Beyond (Nelue Rework)
Pulsing synths and a building wall of sound, a super evocative and atmospheric track with HA's muted trumpet soaring over it. Nelue actually slows it down, gives it room to breathe, his edit makes the track seem more monumental.

6. Jerry Williams | Easy On Yourself (Beat Broker's Remix)
My fav song of the past year or so, Jerry Williams was a talented and eccentric man from Texas who made a serious splash in the LA scene as a songwriter. Hearing his vocals and playing on this, it is a shock that he didn't become a huge star. Country heartbreak, Soul bounce and amazing musicianship set this song miles ahead of its time. Ryan delicately adjusts the original, heightens the dramatic effect, and steps on the gas ever so gently.

7. The Super Disco Band | Bedside Manners
A great Funky album cut, Chicago nasty, terrific groove, this is getting dressed and going out Funk Disco. Where is my motherf***ing yellow hat dammit?

8. Purple Flash | We Can Make It
My pal Darshan Jesrani did a great edit of this for The Unclassics series on Environ, but the original is also pretty sublime. Really sweet strings and synth a nice lyric theme, it feels like twilight driving in Los Angeles, Italo smoothness done right!

9. Jovonn | Vital Sound (Jovonn Next Moov Club Mix)
Danny Krivit put me up on this record, it's such a haunting Minimal House track, it has a lonely nocturnal vibe and a steady pulsing rhythm, a super elegant jam, perfect for the late night dance floor...

10. Nel Olivier | You Are My Dream
I love playing sweet stuff at night's end, the crowd has been rocked hard (hopefully) and in that last part of the set it's great to get a sweet groove going. Benin's Nel Olivier made this lovely Soul/Disco jam in the 80's, it bounces like a body in heels should. You got what I want, you got what I need...