WARMER MIXTAPES #433 | by Trey A. McCoy [Traci Lords]

1. Traci Lords | Steeple
I guess I'd have to start off with Steeple. Sounds pretentious; since I had a hand in this song, but it has a lot of meaning to me. Right before my brother shipped out on his long self-discovery hichhiking all over the US he sat me down and pointed out he really enjoyed one of my songs, one that would of sat rotting away since I couldn't really see where to go with it or that it was much of anything... But he saw something in it, that he saw, or wanted to see within' himself. So, we recorded, only getting about a minute or so of recording before things got in the way and we had to stop, and we never had time to finish it before he left... But I took what we had recorded and did with it the best I could, since I saw how much passion and heart he poored into just those few lines. It's still to this day one of my favorite songs of all times and when I listen to it it just brings me to other worlds, other times... Like a scent you smell randomly, but it's so comforting and holds such dear memories and warmth.

2. Holy Other | We Over
I've been following Holy Other for a good while, but this song has really hit me hard within' the last few days... I've been dealing with a lot of heartache and self-re:discovery and this song holds such a warm comfort, such a peace-of-mind and kindness to it. Like I'm floating on my back as the ocean waves softly sweep over my body. Feels almost like salt in the wounds you know?... Stings like hell, but you know it's for the better, that pain only brings healing of the body, mind and soul.

3. jj | Baby! (Lorentz & M. Sakarias Cover)
Number three has to be Baby. I just came across this song recently and it has such great elements that I feel I can't put into words... But the best way I can would have to be when I sent it to my brother with the line of: Life is a pretty cool guy, he gives us shit, and isn't afraid of anything. With all the shit life seems to throw at as, we only take it from one view, from a self-harming Why is this happening TO me?; when in reality, or lack of; it's us that putting everything else thru all of our shit... Maybe if we just stop, even for a minute and look what we're putting out into the World, we'd see that it's only our eyes we view from, and maybe, just maybe, our morals and beliefs are almost wrong and self-harming, and it's the World, reality, whatever trying to slap us on the back of the head and say Hey... Stop it!... This song is kind of a reflection of that for me.

4. The Similou | All This Love
This song is so overwhelming for me. Like a flash-flood of good times of the good old days of summers past. Driving with my girlfriend on a warm night with all the windows down, blasting this as we drive at unsafe speeds on back-country roads just to feel some sense of freedom, some grasp of control on this crazy life. Skinny dipping with friends in a random lake we find, only to be chased off by very unhappy land-owners, and laughing as we run thru the woods together, with clothes in-hand. Laying on car-hoods star watching on random beach trips, the kind where you just look at each-other and smile, and then drive 4 hours there, just to drive back with the dawn. This song is that for me, those good times and people I'll never seemingly touch again, that can't be recreated again.

5. HIM | Shatter Me With Hope (oOoOO Remix)
My most recent ex was in-love with HIM the band, and I don't care much for them, or a lot of things she cared for that matter... But we found ways around all that, we were connected thru connections. Like this song, we both enjoyed it and could agree to listen to such songs on long-road trips to pick up all my stuff to move to her state. But, connections are made only to be broken, 'cus you only understand what a bridge helps you with until you burn it, then try to cross it again, only to find that you've lost your support, and it's time to find out how to get across with only yourself to help. This song is a reminder of connection, and how it can be easily lost, but also how you should stick to your mistakes, and do the best you can to add them to becoming a stronger you.

6. CRAVE | Young
One of my favorite songs of all time. Just how the vocals truly paint a scene of somebody older; doing things to strike up old fears just to feel that childhood adventure. 'Cus all males remember as a child, we called fear and events that scared us adventure... This song holds, for me, a sense of CRAVing that misunderstanding of the dangers of life, and turning them into something to overcome and slay with your wooden sword... Or just stealing your mothers eyeliner, playing Batcave 1982 in the mirror and rushing to wash it off as she pulls up to the house like I did... Hahaha. But anyways. Song has a strong message of the innocent lust of seeking, understanding and overcoming. We all grow up, and with growth, comes a growth of new fears of feeling as though we do understand now, and sometimes we just want to get back to that point where the World seemed new and fresh, and seemed to offer so many new things. This song to me, is looking back to those points, and wishing to reach it once again.

7. PARTY TRASH | Drunk-Dial (feat. Raw Moans)
Song is golden. And also a perfect example of how you feel when you've had too much to drink, and you've been hit with the knowagle of how much you miss someone (who, most of the time, don't really miss you) and has all the passion and emotion when your on the phone trying to connect them again... Just kind of the words you think you have perfectly written out, but will mostly come out as ME, YOU, UGHHHHHH. COME BACK TO ME. /sobbing... Haha. Just a great one-point perspective song that I feel we can all relate to at one point in life or another. Just if you could reach them, if they'd pick up the phone, your love would be so undeniable, that'd have to return to you. Often, you'll regret all of this in the morning, or if you're lucky; you won't even remember.

8. Sopor Aeternus | Consider This: The True Meaning Of Love
I honestly feel I can say anything that's already been stated within' this song. It's that perfect.

How often have I heard these words:
I love you so much, dearest dear,
that I would die for you, right now, right here!
Sure, doing this they're sitting pretty,
but I say: piss on it,
because this way is far too easy.


But: do you also have the strength
to be there for me till the end?
Would you have courage, live for me,
respect my wishes, my decree?
Would you defend me against the World,
fight the doctors playing God,
slap your priests, if they came near,
or anyone who interferes?

and then it's all tied together with:

Is the version of your Love as true,
that you would use all means within your power
just to meet the urgent plea,
that solemn, final wish for dying
of a helpless her or him,
who lies in pain, who's suffering,
now only begging for the end ... --
is your Love that of a true friend?

If I lay crying in my bed,
waiting, no longing for the end,
if I decide my time has come,
would you then be that trustful one
to guard this chamber, break this shell,
and free me from this living hell
by making sure my death is swift.
Would you grant me that sacred gift?

Hope within' the hopeless. An asking if love can be so pure as to give up everything to help them within' their pain. Even if it be wrong, to fight for them for what they believe in, for what they long for. To help free them from what the believe holds them back from a greater sense of understanding; or lack of. But what I feel is so amazing about this message and song is that he kind of mocks what most call love now-a-days, a statement of would you help me end it all, for that is what I call love knowing that that sense of love is almost unreachable... Which I feel is what true love is, unreachable... It's just those who look passed themselves, their beliefs, their own suffering or what would happen to them after granting such a wish. This kind of pure love is unrealistic and comprehensible to most, if not all humans.

9. Kid Smpl | Understand
Paints a perfect mood, feeling of longing. Sitting up on the edge of something high above looking over everything you feel binds you, and feeling a sense of overcoming. A feeling of looking out into the sea line, trying to make out the line where the sky touches the sea, and wondering if they're not but one 'n the same. Drifting aflote in an abyess, darkness, warm and welcoming. A string of white lights covering the trees of an old forest, you feel as though you could call an old friend.

10. Satra | Loli Phabay (Hop, Hop, Hop)
And for my last I have to end it with this song from the movie Queen Of The Gypsies. I feel I am a gypsy at heart, an outcast of outcasts. I have what it takes to make it in this day-and-age, but I don't feel any of it fits with my moals. I move from place to place each few months, making a home in every state I move to. I make my money by sewing clothes or making jewrely or even fortune telling/palm/card-reading. For my money. I'm a gutter punk gypsy. GYPSIE. I'll live day to day. You're forced to stand by your morals and beliefs, when they're all you have in life. GYPIE4LIFE YO. But this song really is amazing, really brings into light the happiness that comes from this kind of lifestyle, though dirty, hard and painful.