WARMER MIXTAPES #434 | by Elizabeth Rose Maniscalco [Elizabeth Rose]

1. Tyler, The Creator | Analog (feat. Hodgy Beats)
Quite simply this is one of my favourite songs at the moment. This kid is a year younger than me (I'm 21) and it's incredible just how talented he is and how much he has achieved! His production on this track is what attracts me to it, groovin' beat and sweet vocals.

2. The Wiseguys | Cowboy '78
This track takes me back to the early years growing up... My older brother Anthony had a great stereo system in his room with turntables set up. I would dance around the room as he would play it! Probably my favourite musical memory.

3. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Bibo No Aozora
This is an old favourite of mine. It featured in the film Babel, one of my favourite movies. I love the interaction between the piano and the violins - just beautiful.

4. Anna Turnheim | Terrified
Two words come to mind instantly when this song pops up on my iTunes: First love. Excuse the cheesiness of that answer! Everyone has one of those songs, you know?

5. The Chemical Brothers | Three Little Birdies Down Beat
Another great track that I LOVED when I was quite young all thanks to my brother. It's scary the amount of times I used to dance to this song in his room - the soles of my feet would suffer of bad carpet burns after spinning around so much!

6. Bon Iver | Woods
The first time I heard this song I was instantly brought to tears... I'm still not sure why, I think it is one of those songs that really hits me somewhere down deep inside. It's hauntingly-beautiful.

7. The Knife | Colouring Of Pigeons
All I can say that this song is epic. It encompasses so many vibrant sounds and the operatic vocal ad lib is just so Funky. I love to listen to this song very loud, there's such a great build up in it.

8. Mount Kimbie | Maybes (James Blake Remix)
I had never heard of James Blake (or Mount Kimbie for that matter) before I heard this phenomenal remix about a year ago now. Such a great introduction to two incredible artists at once! James Blake has single handledly inspired the use of side-chaining in my tracks from this one song. Ahh, I love a good side-chain...

9. Björk | Pleasure Is All Mine
Hands down the best track on the album Medúlla. I only came across this song recently actually and I can't stop listening to it. I love to close my eyes and listen to all of the different vocal parts - every single sound you hear in this track is made by various voices, such a unique concept for an entire album!

10. Chairlift | Ceiling Wax
This is the last track of the album Does You Inspire You and it took me the whole album to find this hidden gem... It really takes me to another World every time I hear it. What I love most about it is the lyrics, so emotional.