WARMER MIXTAPES #436 | by Thomas Reah [BETAMAXX]

1. How To Dress Well | You Won't Need Me Where I'm Goin'
One of my favourite albums from last year. I just love how haunting it is.

2. Kate Bush | Cloudbusting
This song is based on A Book Of Dreams, which Peter Reich wrote about how his dad claimed he'd invented a Cloudbuster machine to control the rain. In 1954 the FDA ordered all his books burned and he got jailed. The song and the video's lyrics capture the respect Reich had for his father so well.

3. Telepathe | Chrome's On It (Gold Panda Remix)
Gold Panda is my favourite remix artist. I like how he's reworked this song into something so simple, but it still sounds so perfect.

4. Washed Out | Belong
The song that got me into Chillwave. It's just so laid-back; perfect for long summer days.

5. David Bowie | Sound And Vision
This album came out in 1977, but it sounds so 80s. I don't know how Bowie managed that. Maybe he has a time machine. Or maybe he just hired Brian Eno.

6. Sleep ∞ Over | Romantic Streams
Sleep ∞ Over are genius. I love how dreamy yet dark their songs are. I can't wait for an album.

7. Phil Collins | In The Air Tonight
Phil Collins is one of my dad's favourite artists of all time. When me and my sister were kids, he would put a Collins record on and we would go crazy for that, dancing around the house singing along and things. Everytime we hear this my dad still says It's amazing how they got that gorilla to play the drums!

8. Daft Punk | Digital Love
Discovery is possibly my favourite album of all time. From when I was 11 years old taping this song off the radio because I thought it was the perfect pop song, to when I started producing sampled music, Daft Punk always managed to sound incredible.

9. SebastiAn | Arabest
I waited years for SebastiAn to release an LP. Little did I know that when he did he would've produced some of the most stunning Disco songs. This and Embody are perfect for getting down at the club or just chillin' at home.

10. Neon Indian | Ephemeral Artery
Another chill pioneer. This song perfectly captures the party feel of Chillwave. A proper club hit.