WARMER MIXTAPES #437 | by Michelle Bee [Miss Bee/musicformovingimage/Crooked Baby]

1. Leonard Cohen | Famous Blue Raincoat
Reminds me of being young and falling in love with music and poetry. My parents listened to so much amazing music and I have them to thank for igniting my passion and life long obsession with the earlier songs of my dear LC. Lyrically I've yet to hear or feel something that touches me quite like this. Whenever I listen to it, I regress to being 5 years old and see my Dad wearing a thick white jumper rocking the most amazing beard and haircut playing along on his guitar.

2. Helene | St. Lawrence
The most under-rated band in history I think. I can never get over quite how much I love the music and the incredible vocal from Helene - Fragile, vulnerable and strong. Takes me back to lyring in bed and listening to the album over and over again, in particular this track which just does something to my insides.

3. Lindstrøm | Limitations
How can anyone not get lost in this? I don't think a week ever goes by without me listening to it. It's literally been on repeat for years and shows no sign of waning on me. I see a kaleidoscope when I listen to this that I can make appear on the floor until it swallows me up and I come out of the other end being someone else.

4. Isolée | Enrico
Makes me feel like I have no bones. I like to wobble to this. I like to let go.

5. Cat Stevens | Was Dog A Doughnut?
I adore how cheeky and beautiful this is. I always dance when I listen to it and it makes me spin around with a smile on my face. It also makes me wish I could bodypop properly. I try my best but it just looks like I've got some kind of motor-neuron disease.

6. Prince | U Got The Look
Makes me want to strut on a catwalk wishing I looked like a model (when no one is around) and makes me feel mucky, sexy and shy.

7. Plaid | Air Locked
One of the most beautiful pieces of music ever written. This makes my sporadic synesthesia go fantastically into overdrive. I feel I can work out riddles and find answers to questions that I've never even asked before. Then as soon as it stops I forget everything. Bummer.

8. Jimmy Edgar | Hot, Raw, Sex
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. I want to sex up Jimmy Edgar. That's what his music does to me. He is filth incarnate. I want to sing for that little dirtbox. It's what I dream about.

9. Maceo Plex | Your Style
Deep. Dirty. Dope. Definitive.

10. Chicken Lips | On The Box
Me and my lifelong obsession with Chicken Lips! Just reminds me of everything I like about music, synthesizers, patterns, triangles, maths, precision, co-incidence. Otherworldly genius. Makes me want to digitize myself and go and live inside a robot then sabotage it from the inside.