WARMER MIXTAPES #439 | by Tyler Koykas [The Parallax View/Dealer Shades] of Trash Kids

1. Zackey Force Funk | Coppertop Equalizer
Good friend of mine, just released his new album, Demo Riot Control, once it came out, I was hooked. It's Lo-Fi, it's Minimal, it's gangster, it's swag. Something about Zackey keeps me addicted to his filthy hooks, and dancing to his dirty beats. This one will most definitely stay in rotation for me for a while.

2. Battles | Wall Streeet
Being a huge fan of Prog-Rock/Metal growing up, these guys have really grown on me over the years, they are technical, as hell. And catchy, as hell. This was from there newest release, Gloss Drop, which after years of anticipation has finally come out and has been gracing my eardrums for the
last few months non stop. Makes me feel like I am on music steroids. Much love for these guys.

3. Bo Hansson | The Old Forest & Tom Bombadil
A song that is older than my parents, but still probably one of the most inspirational tracks to me to date. This one started it all for me, Bo evolved me into a tone loving, Noise presperating machine that I have become. I actually have covered this song, and I have to say, it takes you places that you'll never come back from, and you will be thankful.

4. Circle Takes The Square | The Ancestral Other Side
This is my weak spot, CTTS is a cult-ish Grind/Prog/Metal band I have loved since I was about 13 years old. They are captivating, Drone type, Hardcore. I have a sweet spot for this because I grew up on Slayer, Pantera, Testement, Rush, etc. I love Metal. It inspired my music quite a bit, it may be hard to tell. But this is from there newest effort after 7 years of being in the dark, they are melting my face away once again. So amazing.

5. Dr. Dog | The Ark
Another classic track, that makes you want to march like a soldier but let go and dance around like an idiot. I personally LOVE Dr. Dog, and have been following them for a while, they are a great Soul/Rock outfit. They are a very feel good/Bluesy type feel. Get up and get down while you square dance to this. They stay weird and loyal to there fans so I give them a big thumbs up.

6. Hello Electric | Butchers Block
A breakout band this year, these guys have really inspired me to make loud noises. Hard hitting drums, screaming guitars, howling keys, they have it all, this song is a journey through a nightmare, whether he is standing in the corner, or hacking up your body, you will be captivated by his smooth voice, and catchy rhymes. This one will stick with me for a long long time, really inspiring Grunge.

7. Orbs | Kid Cancer
Another guilty pleasure supergroup, made up of members of Fear Before and Between The Buried And Me. This song has everything, snappy high pitched vocals, rolling drums, sick breakdowns, and that eerie feeling you have after seeing a ghost, it just gets you. On top of all of it is a piano line that will stick in your head for weeks, i just cant get enough orbs.

8. Portugal. The Man | All Your Light (Time Like These)
Great, great friends and family in this band, this is from there newest release, an amazing catchy, dark, synth and voice driven track, it's so crunchy you just want to take a bite, and dance around. I feel this track perfectly describes them as a whole band, through all there releases, they have managed to keep there unique sound, style, and aesthetic. Being a small town band, turned huge they have stayed true to everyone's musical needs.

9. Tera Melos | Westham United
These guys, this song, have been stuck in my head forever. This Noise Rock trio have been another huge inspiration to me, chaotic, unorganized, but OCD. This track leads you wayyyy out there only to leave you on your face in a Zeppelin like breakdown. Amazing tones, and chord progressions, weird solos, and snappy beats, you will always want more from them.

10. Wild Orchid Children | Peyote Coyote
An incredible Psych Rock group, also go under the moniker Kay Kay And His Weathered Underground, put out there newest release recently, constantly finding its way into my rotation, this song offers a lot for everyone... Screeching solos, filthy vocals, psychedelic breakdowns and an atmosphere straight from a Beastie Boys album. Straight forward heart pounding Rock And Roll, baby. This song really gets me deep down, an inspiration.