1. The Shadow Ring | Lindus
It's impossible to pick one song from this sequence, as the whole thing works so much as a whole, and flows so perfectly. The purely instrumental parts are hauntingly simple and effective, and like all The Shadow Ring records it's full of incredible turns of phrase that shine a light on things that most of us would rather leave lingering in the shadows.

2. Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus | Time Is Drawing Nigh
Amazing, blown out Lee Perry production of Nyabinghi/Reggae group. There is such a murky atmosphere on this one that it almost feels like the music is emerging from some vaporous mist sweeping across a Jamaican mountain (or something).

3. Jean-Fran├žois Papin | Stewing Mind
A wild, scattered record featuring Luc Marianni on synth. This one sounds like something a medieval bard would sing at a castle turret. The synth and fuzz guitar break in and drift around for a while without accomplishing much. Wonderful stuff.

4. Pink Floyd | Scream Thy Last Scream (BBC Top Gear Session)
I think this is the best version of a great song. Syd is a great hero of mine, and even though he was having a lot of problems by this time, his late Floyd wah wah style is fantastic on this. There are none of the irritating sped up vocals that are on the record either.

5. T. Rex | Childe
I only heard this for the first time recently. I'm surprised people don't rave about this album more. I like all the Tyrannosaurus Rex records, but the change of percussionists brought a lot more space for Bolan to add new layers. Mickey Finn may not be half the player Steve Peregrin Took was, but something great emerges from the less frantic musical atmosphere resulting from his departure.

6. Franco Battiato | Areknames
Amazing track. It sort of has the sound of a film company jingle on a VHS tape - but more so. It makes me feel nostalgic for something I'm not sure I ever experienced.

7. Kevin Ayers | Soon Soon Soon
There are various versions of this, but this one is my favourite. Great arrangement with massed female backing vocals that really work. The weird, jarring line we understand the sky will be visible soon makes the song for me.

8. Graham Lambkin | Salmon Run
Another appearance by Mr. Lambkin (he was also head honcho in The Shadow Ring). Once again I can't isolate a part from the whole, as the sequencing is so impeccable. A range of sounds layered and manipulated that create all kinds of mysterious reactions to what are (I believe) very mundane sources. Brilliant.

9. Rock Critics | Rock News
Weird record. Jean-Fran├žois Papin is in this group too, along with Luc Marianni. I haven't heard anything involving him that I haven't liked. This one just sort of floats around in some rarefied space where the air is very thin and things don't make much sense.

10. Strange | Ruler Of The Universe
Echoplex abuse of the most extreme type. I'm pretty sure someone from Comets On Fire listened to this one. Terry Brooks' guitar solos just sort of start at 10 and then try and reach up from there - this is difficult, so the Echoplex is employed to serve that function. A glorious racket.