WARMER MIXTAPES #443 | by Doug Armstrong, Adam Tucker, Eric Harrison and Nicholas Harrison of Scenic

SIDE A | by Adam Tucker

1. Scenic | Endless Days
This track was written from two initial main ideas. The first a poppy dance floor vibe chorus and verse and the second an appregiated buildup bridge featuring strong percussion elements. You’ll find this track on our new EP.

2. Cut Copy | Sands Of Time
Cut Copy are the god fathers of fusing Indie Pop with Dance music. This early Cut Copy has given us great inspiration for structuring a dancefloor directed track.

3. Deerhunter | Desire Lines
I’ve always been a fan of layered repetition Brandon Cox’s trance like guitar playing and the smooth vocals of Lockett Pund emphasis this idea. What also stands out about this track is how versatile Deerhunter is, I always like this in a band and shows a band’s true strength.

4. Tame Impala | Live @ Coachella 4.15.11
Tame Impala are from our home town of Perth and we have watched them become global juggernaughts. I haven’t stopped listening to their sunset set at Coachella, highlights from this set include the alternative bridge in Desire Be Desire Go and the sonic finishing build up in Half Full Glass Of Wine. This set is testament to the writing ability of Kevin Parker and the leaps this band has taken in the past few years.

5. Allbrook/Avery | Empty
This side project from Pond founder and Tame Impala bass player Allbrook and The Growl singer Avery is one to watch. There first single combines the distinctive voice of Allbrook’s with a catchy melodic bassline.

6. Pink Floyd | Speak To Me/Breathe
Who hasn’t been influenced and subsequently fallen in love with Pink Floyd? The reason I like this track so much is that it reminds me of time spent at a house in the South of W.A we use to hide from the World.

7. Air | Kelly Watch The Stars
This track is a cover we love to play live as it is dancefloor friendly and all audiences respond well.

8. M83 | Run Into Flowers (Midnight Fuck Remix By Jackson)
This is one of my all time favourite tracks. The pulsing beat and ambient nature captures a midnight moment, which is different for everyone.

9. Tame Impala | Runway, Houses, City, Clouds
This is my takeoff song. This track has the unique power to transport the listener far from their current surrounds. This power to evoke emotion is the true essence why we all listen to music.

10. Jeremy Glenn | New Life (Perseus ‘Summer Of 83’ Remix)
Jeremy Glenn’s vocals mixed with Perseus’s unique groove has created something really special. This track has Summer written all over it and brings back great memories of my resent adventures in Europe, especially Croatia.

SIDE B | by Doug Armstrong

1. New Navy | Zimbabwe
Another Future Classic track, Zimbabwe is making huge waves in Australia topping Triple J and Independent charts. Pleasant chords, delayed guitar topped with smooth vocals. Indie/Beach Pop somewhat similar to Two Door Cinema Club.

2. Ratatat | Breaking Away
Ratatat’s self-titled LP is my favourite. Their unorthodox recording techniques and backwards guitars are very interesting. I once read that Evan Mast threw shoes around his apartment in search for a perfect percussion sound. Every listen forces me to pull up eBay to check the prices of an EBow.

3. Foals | Spanish Sahara
Total Life Forever was one of those records that seemed to get better over a few months of listening. It’s hard to listen to Spanish Sahara without it inducing some sort of emotion or scene from the past. Yannis’ vocals in the build up are so tense and uneasy that the drop of electronic textures and steady strumming almost makes you sigh with relief.

4. Moby | Porcelain
Play was the first record I bought in ’99. I still play it regularly and continue to enjoy it as much as I did back then.

5. Pink Floyd | Comfortably Numb
One of the greatest pieces of songwriting that exists. The contrast between Waters’ and Gilmour’s vocals in verse and chorus are very uplifting. Perhaps it is a big call, but in my opinion Pink Floyd’s greatest attribute lies in the way they can make such a complex piece sound so simple.

6. Spacemen 3 | Ecstacy Symphony/Transparent Radiation (Flashback)
The high point of Perfect Prescription is this 10 minute epic of space rock. Not for everyone. It begins with a sonic beast before linking nicely with some strings and unfolding into the cover of The Red Krayola’s Transparent Radiation.

7. Sonpsilo Circus | Sunshine
Another bunch of Perth Lads, these guys channel everything from Jimi Hendrix to Tame Impala. Sunshine has infectious chords and they have a live show that packs a punch for just 3 dudes. I also believe they just finished a new EP.

8. Cut Copy | Zap Zap
Cut Copy have been a very influential band for us. They continue to expand the horizons for Disco/Dance/Pop with each album they produce. From distorted Disco of Bright Like Neon Love to arppegio driven epics of Zonoscope.

9. Primal Scream | Loaded
Screamadelica is a brilliant record that still seems relevant 20 years on. First single Loaded definitely channels everything from Acid Rock to Madchester with its looping beat and upbeat piano chords.

10. Junior Boys | FM
Conveyors of sonically diverse Pop, Junior Boys, close So This Is Goodbye nicely with a cloud of arppegios and heartfelt melody. Sit back an relax.

SIDE C | by Eric Harrison

1. LCD Soundsystem | Freak Out/Starry Eyes
Love all the percussion elements in this track. Even though this track is really slow it's still incredibly groovy. James Murphy and the DFA crew produce some of my favorite Drum And Bass combos and this is a perfect example of that.

2. Cut Copy | Hearts On Fire (Joakim Remix)
This is my all time favorite Joakim remix, if not remix by any one. All about the building of layers in one massive progression. Joakim and his label Tigersushi are not afraid to push the boundaries and experiment with their production. I love this spontaneous and experimental approach to remixing popular songs.

3. Panthers | Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Remix)
This track is significant for showing me the pleasures of mixing Indie and Dance. Since hearing this remix back in 2007/08 I’ve been hooked with this new Indie Dance Disco genre. Once again the drums and electric bass completely satisfies.

4. Primal Scream | Higher Than The Sun
This song, as the title suggests, throws you into another world. A true cosmic ballad.

5. Toro Y Moi | Divina
Toro makes some very interesting music and this is my favorite off his last album. Such a solid groove to kick back and relax to. The bass line piano combo really sells this one for me.

6. Pond | Frond
Great band from our home town Perth. This song in particular is magic. One of those songs that takes you on an epic adventure. Even though it's 9 or so minutes long I always seem to want more.

7. Electric Light Orchestra | Strange Magic
Classic ELO track. Always makes an appearance on long sunny road trips.

8. Happy Mondays | Step On
Oldy but a goody. This song sums up all the good things about the 90’s for me. Love the light hearted fun associated with this track. Very hard not to bop to this tune.

9. Michael Jackson | I Can't Help It (Todd Terje Tangoterje Remix)
I've been a huge fan of Terje for a while now, this is easily one of my favorites of his many edits. It's such an uplifting melody and sets a very warm mood.

10. Scenic | Another Sky (The Magician Remix)
This is a big remix. Stephen has turned Another Sky into a floor friendly hit. The bridge in this song is my favorite and generates so much energy. Can’t wait to hear it out on a huge sound system.

SIDE D | by Nicholas Harrison

1. Architecture In Helsinki | One Heavy February
I started listening to this song again recently. Still really enjoyable as it reminds me of summer festival times whilst it's winter in Perth.

2. WIM | See You Hurry
First time I heard this track was whilst watching the video. Shocked in a good way. It’s the only music and video combination I can remember which has left me speechless.

3. Late Of The Pier | Broken
I really like the drumming on Broken. So energetic that I always find myself coming back and listening to the whole album to get away from the slower stuff. I’ve never gotten bored of it since seeing them live and witnessing the crazy atmosphere they create.

4. Metronomy | The Look
I love how Minimal this song is. I can’t wait to see them play soon at one of my favourite festivals; Southbound.

5. Sigur Rós | Starálfur
Seriously soothing song with strings and all. It’s been around for a while but I couldn’t leave it off the list, especially because it’s in one of my favourite films; The Life Aquatic. After watching it that day I must’ve rewatched it like another four times.

6. Mink Mussel Creek | They Dated Steadily
Another Perth band involving a couple members of Tame Impala is Mink Mussel Creek. Really dig the Lo-Fi Psychedelic sound. I tend to get lost amongst the thirteen minutes and start to lose my mind a bit.

7. The Rapture | How Deep Is Your Love?
The new single feels like an instant hit. To me it sounds like one solid chunk/layer of music when it gets going.

8. World’s End Press | Faithful
A catchy song that I’ve liked for a while. Since seeing them play I’ve kept the mental picture of one of these guys playing drum pads whilst doing some cool shuffle/Boogie/bopping.

9. Midnight Juggernauts | Lara vs. The Savage Pack (Demo)
The original was my favourite track off The Crystal Axis, but the demo version (a bonus track) is some seriously good jammin’. I often play drums to this at home, good fun.

10. Beach House | Norway
While travelling through Europe last month, the album Teen Dream was on heavy rotation. On planes or buses, this song was a favourite with the haunting vocals. I was also born in Norway.