WARMER MIXTAPES #447 | by Denis Smolnikov [Snow Walls]

1. Para One | Bike
I can't pick only one track from the outstanding Para One OST Naissance Des Pieuvres, so I have randomly chosen this one. Various Ambient synth passages with orchestral taste produce special spiritual experiences. It is very dramatic. I haven't ever knew the person who would adore this like I do... This is one of the best soundtracks ever.

2. Machinedrum | Now U Know Tha Deal 4 Real
This has a Progressive dense rhythm with the atmospheric claps. The words are catchy and easily get stuck in my head. This is another night music mood.

3. James Blake | I Mind
No doubt, James Blake is a new remarkable name in the music industry. A Post-Dubstep, Soul, Minimalistic cascade of semi-natural sounds, smooth vocoded and transpositioned vocal parts, stumble rhythm, clicks, noises and prolonged attack synths. The deepest bass lines. A pure masterpiece.

4. Holy Other | Know Where
Involving and cold. Beautiful dark Ambient with UK Garage influences. Atmospheric delayed vocals and Downtempo mood. Night city cruising.

5. D. Lissvik | Practice
Dan Lissvik is one half of Swedish Balearic band Studio. A deep bass is waving on the background while hypnotic eastern strings cover it. Clear and intelligent sound. A straight, pushing, magical rhythm with the claps and the beautiful percussions. Multicultural fascinating ear drug.

6. Alias | Tagine
This is my favorite track from the second Alias LP. It’s the future of Instrumental Hip-Hop with a bit of Old School influences. I like the way of vocal samples are used here. The swinging drum part and the sharp bass lines rocks. Another Anticon's genius. It was the first track on the Fever Dream that caught my attention. I listened to one over and over, then I decided that the entire album is brilliant.

7. Nicolas Jaar | Colomb
My friend shared this track with me and I liked it at once. I love the sound of the entire album. Colomb is one at the beginning of LP. Everything sounds so transparent and fresh and the kicks are so rich and clear. I don't understand what the French girl is singing about but I immediately fell in love with this song when I heard her voice upon those smooth background keys, the pads and the crumbling handclaps.

8. Boris | Pardon?
Boris disappointed many of their fans with the last release, but I have found this Pop album to be great. The unexpected genre track from the Japanese Doom Metal/Experimental band had goose bump harmony and whispering vocals. Magnificent music.

9. Tanimura Midnight | Reflecting Moon
An attractive bit of old-fashioned simplicity of the track construction and the atmospheric synthetic sound. When I listen, I imagine a winter evening where the city is illuminated with the car lights and skyscrapers while snow is falling down and people are walking the streets.

10. Hatchback | Sunrise Prototypes
Much more than just an Ambient music, this is what Melancholy Electronic should be. The gentle and soft theme reveals itself and tells us a story. I listened to this one for the first time while watching the August Sun going down to the Mediterranean Sea. The feel of the music matched the beautiful view of the Sunset with the darkness slowly coming.

+11. Rudi Arapahoe | Conversation Piece
Excellent chilling piece. Give you a sense of solitude. Just get alone anywhere in the village and listen to this album. Music for lonesome foggy or raining mornings and quiet cold evenings far from the city. Love it. From the album Echoes From One To Another.

+12. Ryuichi Sakamoto | Solitude
My favourite musician. Just put it here.

+13. The Cinematic Orchestra | Arrival Of The Birds
Seasons change. Time goes. This music makes me love the life.