SIDE A | by Jarle Bråthen

1. Humanoid | Stakker Humanoid
In 1988 I heard this track and got hooked on the energy and the crazy 303 sounds. For me that was something very new, fresh, different and from that moment I know that Electronic Music was gonna be my passion.

2. Eric B. & Rakim | Follow The Leader
I was very into Hip Hop, djing and scratching my sister recordplayer to pieces, and likes such as 3rd Bass, Public Enemy and De La Soul. But I think Rakim has the best Rap-voice ever and with the deep and serious vibe of this track I think Rap is all about.

3. Goldie | Inner City Life
The vocals and string-pads making it a really atmospheric, sad but happy tune. By far the best DnB track ever…

4. Massive Attack | Unfinished Sympathy
Combined with the video this has a feel that gets under your skin.

5. The Orb | Little Fluffy Clouds
Watching MTV Party Zone late night and was introduced to many rare and new sounds. Introducing me for setting different samples in good order.
6. Madrugada | Majesty
Norwegian band who didn't get the big international fame but with the great vocals by Sivert Høyem I think that's a shame.

7. Isolée | Beau Mot Plage
I was in a recordstore called HS Records in Oslo in '99. It was the spot for DJs who want to buy 12 inches and I think every DJ in Norway was a costumer. Ole Martin (DJ Omar) was the clerk and on Saturdays he normally listen to all the new stuff on the loudspeakers and if you were in the shop at that time you could put your hand up if want the record he was playing. I heard this and thought whoaaww!! What is this?... I raised my hand and bought what to become a classic. Love the way elements come in and out and I think this track is as good now as it was when it was released.

8. Nuyorican Soul | Runaway (feat. India) (Original Flava 12'' Mix)
Happy! Happy! Happy! Originally by Loleatta Holloway (R.I.P.), the greatest female voices ever. India has a fantastic voice too and together with Little Louie Vega and Kenny Dope Gonzalez they made a great version... What grabs me about this tune is that the vocalist suddenly switch to singing in Spanish towards the end of the track. I soon played this 12" vinyl to a wreck... Hehe...

9. Samuel Barber | Adagio For Strings
Classical masterpiece!!! If you manage to not get moved by this you have a stone cold soul.

10. Depeche Mode | Enjoy The Silence
This is my favorite band and I think this is the best Pop-track of all times. The synths, Industrial feel and the vocals… Man!! Great influence and inspirations for many band, DJs and producers all over the World.

SIDE B | by Marius Våreid

1. Bogdan Irkük a.k.a BULGARI | Early Light On The E80
This track is food for the soul, soothing, complete with out of this World synths and and perfect key-changes. The bass and pads are working the track, driving the feel into every part of your body till you find yourself in an almost euphoric state of mind. The work of a master, no detail is accidental, music like no other. It's like those pads embrace me, it's not just music, it's medicine.

2. The National Bank | Tolerate
These lyrics accompanied by the beautiful voice of singer Thomas Dybdahl and the masterful songwriting talent of Martin Horntvedt. What can I say about this song? You must listen to it, it is most relevant in these times of war and disturbances. Makes me think and strive to focus on the important things in life. And Tolerate, what a title!

3. Odd Nordstoga | Orda Du Gav Meg
I love this song, it makes me cry, and feel good afterwards... The wonderful voice, the beautiful lyrics and the simple, but effective music. Performed on the very beautiful dialect spoken in Vinje in Telemark, Norway. Odd Nordstoga has qualities only a few handful of musicians possess. He is from a family of who takes cultural heritage very seriously, but he himself have become a Pop artist here in Norway, singing in his native tounge and the Vinje dialect. Born and raised on the farm build by a famous Norwegian poet, Odd Nordstoga keeps the Norwegian alive and breathing.

4. Locussolus | Next To You
A stroke of genius from the mythical DJ Harvey. I feel so at home in this song, it's like a favorite sweater, you just want to wear it! So simple arrangements, no disturbing elements. And the coolest lyrics this year I've got to get next to you, closer than walking next into…It is so relaxing and uplifting, I love it!

5. Gonzales | Gentle Threat
The warm full-bodied piano of Mr. Chilly Gonzalez. Music that makes you understand things your mind can't explain in words. The language of music. Feel this song. It is moving and will change you.

6. Valerie Dore | Get Closer
I must be patient when I listen to this song, it needs your full attention, it is beautiful, but plays hard to get. The vocals are special, you need to listen a couple of times at least. I always come back to this one, I play it at home, but never out, it is personal, still don't know why though…

7. James Yuill | First In Line (Justus Köhncke Remix)
This is quite new, I don't know much about it other than that I love this track. It is so straight to the point musically, and it goes straight into my heart. Feeling happy and relaxed, just floating on top of Justus beat, riding along and enjoying!

8. Arthur Russell | In The Light Of The Miracle
Prins Thomas introduced me to this track a long time ago. We worked on some music in my flat in Oslo, both still young and poor, smoking Marlboros and relaxing to this amazing piece of music. Arthur communicates with emotions, the language of music. You cannot describe the feelings this track evokes. It is magic, a warp gate into another/parallel dimension. My soul gets fueled by this music, I need it in my life.

9. Rona Hartner & Valentin Rotary & Petre Badea | Dandaro
It is nasty and so full of life! The rhythm of life, uncensored! It makes me feel alive. Every time I have made people dance to this playing out, I'm looking at the crowd to see if anyone understands the lyrics. What a driving force this beat has, and the naughty warm voice teasing on top, so free, so brilliant! (and so,so nasty!)...

10. Q-Tip | Getting Up
Oh yes!!! Q-Tip fill my day with joy with this song, amazing feel! I love this guy, he just makes music that fits my soul, the soundtrack for my life. I grew up listening to A Tribe Called Quest and Q-Tip, and for that I am eternally grateful. My guiding light!