WARMER MIXTAPES #458 | by Prinz Adrian Johannes Hynne [Adrian Lux]

1. Massive Attack | Unfinished Sympathy
Grew up listening a lot to Massive Attack, this particular song reminds me so much of my birth town Malmö.

2. Jefferson Airplane | Today
Great Folkie song, it's just that kind of song that I think is similar to the feeling of House music, just 40 years ago.

3. The Doors | Wating For The Sun
The contrast in this song is amazing. It also feels like an old House track when it drops.

4. Air | Ce Matin-Là
This song inspired me a lot when making my first song Strawberry. The song is in a scene in the movie The Virgin Suicides by Sofia Coppola, I just loved that scene so I tried to do something with the same feeling.

5. Saïan Supa Crew | Xraísons
I listened to this so everyday when I was going to my gymnasium. This record helped me get up in the morning when I was super tired from producing the whole night.

6. Hard-Fi | Hard To Beat (Axwell Mix)
One of the first House tracks I ever heard. I fell in love with this new cool music style.

7. The Stooges | I Wanna Be Your Dog
I went to London to see Iggy last year with my dad, I must say it was the best live performance I have ever seen!

8. Tegan And Sara | Call It Off
It inspired my songwriting a lot, just how the harmonies and song go together is amazing.

9. Exploding Heart | Strawberry (Adrian Lux Cover)
If I would make a movie about my career, this would definitely be in the soundtrack!

10. The Temper Trap | Sweet Disposition
It's just one of the best songs ever made!!