WARMER MIXTAPES #459 | by Jean Nipon of I.Y.M (Important Youth Movement) and Teamtendo

1. Quixotic | Sitting In The Park (Billy Stewart Cover)
Wonderful cover of Billy Stewart I guess... I heard this song with my girlfriend in the back of a car of friends at night. The tightness and humbleness of this song shoot me directly in the heart... It was a special trip everyday... We woke up to climbing some mountains near the Mont Blanc surrounded by all these kilos of natures... Listening to music at night put you in a certain state of mind.

2. Sebadoh | Brand New Love
You won't be the first, your twisted change is normal... This band and Dinosaur Jr. and others from this era, got a special place in my mind, we were young, we were playing the drums, skateboarding, fucking around with no questions about the future. Now all I can see is Fukushima all over me... So when I don't want to explode I just looking back in this kind of song.

3. Dynamix II | Atomic Age
I discovered these dudes lately just before the 00's - pure Electro in the real sense of the term, no fuck around just Roland's lover and vocoder shit. It's a dark track but also very positive, when the drop kick, you're just hypnotised by the bass drum and you move your head. Thanks to this great label, Rephlex, who compiled those old tracks, I turned down Rock Music to dive into this new stuff made by computers. Kids don't know the legacy of Rephlex, I mean DMX Krew, Ovuca, Bogdan, Cylob... They were the future.

4. Arthur Russell | Planted A Thought
Such an intriguing one... You got the cello, this crazy haunted voice, and still a beat to dance to while crying... One of the good exemple of the CRYDANCE style I love.

5. Happy End | Natsu Nandesu
Before YMO Japan produced this fine Folk Pop band, straight from the early 70's - if Droopy can sing it would sound like that.

6. Rahsaan Roland Kirk | Black Root
Maybe the first Techno track ever. Using one bass drum kick and 2 saxophones. It is so mystic and at the same time so human. No other words to describe it.

7. Ennio Morricone | Come Un Madrigale
The genius of mankind, how can you think of these notes, and those vocals, how can you not fall in love with Music listening to this masterpiece...

8. Prince | Forever In My Life
My mentor when I was 11... I can't understand this guy... Where does he comes from?

9. Paul Williams | Old Souls
Phantom Of The Paradise is the movie of my life... Nothing more to say or too much.

10. Nick Lowe | So It Goes
Cuz music business is hard, this is a feel good song about shit happening.