WARMER MIXTAPES #465 | by Julia Sanina of THE HARDKISS

1. Rachelle Ferrell | With Every Breath I Take
She is an amazing singer and also cool example for the beginners about how to combine vocal technique and expression.

2. Hurts | Illuminated
It's very pompous and epic! I've noticed this group on YouTube when they had only 5000 views, that moment I realized - it would be something unreal!

3. Gaelle | Give It Back
Very stylish song. It is catchy but it is not too Pop.

4. Morcheeba | Enjoy The Ride
I like singer's unique voice color and profound thoughts in lyrics. I'm always listening to the lyrics, it should include something mine, something for my soul.

5. Lissie | When I'm Alone
Lissie is so natural and sincere in this song. It makes me feel like I'm at home, this song is warm.

6. The Knife | Like A Pen
Kinda weirdo vocal, but the song has got the temper.

7. Portishead | Roads
This is certainly the song for deep relaxation. Very sensual.

8. My Chemical Romance | The Ghost Of You
Very strong work, and the video's got the hook, I can watch it again and again, even crying sometimes.

9. George Benson | Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You
This song is very special for me. I won my first vocal competition singing Nothing's Gonna Change My Love for You. So Benson is my lodestar!

10. THE HARDKISS | Babylon
I guess you know why...