WARMER MIXTAPES #479 | by Sam Knowles [Karma Kid] of Olive Lian

1. James Blake | Wilhelm's Scream (James Litherland's 'Where To Turn' Cover)
This has been my go-to song for most of this year. It's one that I listen to when I'm upset or grumpy, and it has the supurb ability to lift my mood for some reason. The emotion that the track emits is quite unique. The lyrics are very basic, as is the structure, but I think that it's the repetition and constant swelling that really let's this track run deep.

2. Moby | Go (Woodtick Mix)
For me, Moby has been one of the most influential producers in Modern Music. His songs have broken down boundaries between what we percieve as being old and new and when I listen to his music I can feel the blood, sweat and tears that were shed creating them. This is probably my favourite Moby song, as it plays just as well on the dancefloor as it does in my earphones before I fall asleep... It takes real talent to fufill both of those scenarios in a Dance track.

3. The Streets | Weak Become Heroes
This song epitimises the very height of my summer - Leeds Festival, one of their last ever gigs. The energy in the crowd was insane, and as this is my favourite Streets song anyway, it was one of the most perfect moments imaginable when I heard it. I think that the song itself is quite special. Never before has a song portraid such a beautiful picture about such a modern day tabboo - drugs. Imagine the World's leader's on pills. Everyone needs to listen to this song at least once in their lifetime, I think many questions will be answered.

4. The Dave Brubeck Quartet | Take Five
Nothing quite compares to taking five with a glass of wine. The coolest Jazz song ever created, genius.

5. Blawan | Getting Me Down
I have only come across this tune recently, but I fell in love with it on my first listen. I can't wait to unleash it on a club or rave, I can picture the jaws falling open already.

6. All Saints | Pure Shores
When I first heard this tune, I was only very young and I hated it. Purely because I was a young boy and this was classed as girl's music. Many years later, I came accross it on the soundtrack of my favourite film of all time, The Beach. I've chosen this to be in my top 10, because I really believe that it fit the film perfectly, and now every time I listen to it, I'm taken to the Phi Phi islands in my head. I can't wait to travel there.

7. John Frusciante | Murderers
A straight up classic. THE catchiest guitar riff I've ever heard, and all in all one of the coolest tracks I've ever heard. The first time I heard this tune was at a small festival this year, where DJ's rinsed it all weekend. The riff became engraved in my memory and it took my very stoned friend a few attempts to find the artist and song title. I'm very pleased he confirmed it for me!

8. Gil Scott-Heron And Jamie xx | I'm New Here
This is my favourite Electronic album of the year. I think that it has a massive musical significance, in the sense that it was the last musical venture that Gil Scott-Heron was a part of. Gil's story is both fascinating and tragic, and I believe that Jamie made a fantastic job with this track in particular at portaying Gil's vocal emotion. Perfect.

9. Curtis Knight | Voodoo Woman
I love Soul music, and recently I came accross an awesome sub genre of soul - Popcorn Top Soul. It just makes me want to get up and shake my hips around really. This is by far my favourite Popcorn Top Soul tune, I think that it's brilliant. If you get the chance, you have to check out Curtis's early collaborations with Jimi Hendrix, they're something to behold.

10. Stardust | Music Sounds Better With You
Last but not least! THE BEST HOUSE TUNE OF ALL TIME. Full stop. I really wish that Stardust released more material, but none the less, they left behind some amazing memories with this banger. Many dancefloors have been destroyed because of this song in the past, one of my all time favourites.