WARMER MIXTAPES #480 | by Andrey Gurov [DJ Vadim/Andre Gurov] of Little Aida, The Isolationist, One Self and The Electric

1. Ebo Taylor | Love And Death
Amazing Afrobeat album. Got no info on it but it's the dogs bollocks.

2. Colonel Red | Each And Every Way
Wicked Soul album and love this track.

3. Gramatik | Lonely & Cold
I know this came out a few years back but I never heard it then. Love it.

4. Immortal Technique | Mark Of The Beast (feat. Akir & Beast 1333)
Turn off ya news channel and listen to this. More truth in 3 min than all years news...

5. Shook | Picture Moment
Just found out about this track. Don't know if it's new or old or released. It's not on iTunes but I love it. Super chilled.

6. Kingpin | Out The Box (feat. Deadly Hunta)
Wicked new UK Hip Hop track blowing up rite now feat. UK Ragga Don - Deadly Hunta.

7. Roots Manuva | Here We Go Again
Favourite song from his new album.

8. Zed Bias | Fairplay (feat. Jenna G)
Heavy UK Garage/Dubby remix of Soul 2 Soul classic. Wicked b line!!! I love Zed Bias.

9. Buraka Som Sistema | Vem Curtir (feat. Stereotyp)
Heavy slow bass Dancehall heavy track!!!

10. Jakwob | Let It Fall
Heavy heavy heavy Dubstep track. Rips up the dance floors with wicked vocal...