WARMER MIXTAPES #482 | by Christian Lilja, David Tibblin, Victor Palm, Henrik Nordström and Johan Granath of The Pale Corners

SIDE A | by Victor Palm

1. The Bear Quartet | Sailors
For me, it’s a song about a searching for love, at first glance it resonates a rather melancholy vibe, but after a while it reminds you that love can be found in all places, a harbour perhaps?

2. Silverbullit | Knucklebuster
Pulsating energy, a seamless melody and memories of busted knuckles.

3. Andrew Douglas Rothbard | Wisely Wasted
Blurred-out shapes and knife sharp timing mixes to a otherworldly experience.

4. 13th Floor Elevators | Reverberation (Doubt)
Rocky Erickson’s harrowing, desperate vocals paving the way for echoing madness.

5. Ennio Morricone | Paying Off Scores
The lonely sound of the music box and yet majestic feeling of the trumpets shaking the Earth’s foundations.

6. Popul Vuh | Aguirre I
Popul Vuh managed to take me to the Andes Mountains, show me the dense mist covering the slopes and the unceasing rainforest below, without meeting the raving mad conquistador.

7. Xinlisupreme | Fatal Sisters Opened Umbrella
It’s simple and yet a fantastic feeling to be utterly swept away by this tune, over and over and over again.

8. Bo Hansson | Migration Suite
One of Bo’s best, the Hammond organ roams free together with the guitar and drums over green hills on, possibly, the best exodus one can undertake.

9. Soap&Skin | Thanatos
Not to long ago I was laying in a hostel bed in Berlin, hung-over and dead-tired when I suddenly hear this. The music, song and my vague consciousness developed into a maelstrom of hazy images consisting of endless forests in the Underworld.

10. Vangelis | Miami Vice Theme (Crockett's Theme)
The Sun, a helicopter, a beach, some nice synthstrings and no worries, ever.

SIDE B | by Christian Lilja

1. The Velvet Underground | Pale Blue Eyes
This was the first song I heard of Velvet Underground. It's a song that I come back to all the time.

2. Pet Shop Boys | Can You Forgive Her?
My older brother was a huge Pet Shop Boys fan and played this single all the time when it came 1993. We had our rooms next to each other so I would sit in my room and build airplane models and hear this song pounding into my room day in and day out. I loved it!

3. The Avalanches | Frontier Psychiatrist
Awesome samples and just a fantastic song that I usually play in my DJ-sets as well.

4. The Clash | The Call Up
When I moved to Stockholm in 2004 I listened to the Sandinista album a lot. It's a beautiful mix of everything, Gospel, Calypso, Dub and the list goes on. It was very difficult to choose one song from this great and timeless album.

5. Broadcast | America's Boy
I always listen to her album when I'm traveling and this is my favorite.

6. The Magnetic Fields | The Sun Goes Down And The World Goes Dancing
From the fantastic album 69 Love Songs.

7. The Cure | Plainsong
The sound is so large and massive. Love it!

8. Depeche Mode | Everything Counts
This is one of my top 5 songs by Depeche Mode. A band I have listened to since I was very young.
I really like the Industrial feeling in the song.

9. New Order | True Faith
I always put this song in my DJ-sets. My favorite song by New Order.

10. The Jesus And Mary Chain | On The Wall
Today it was On The Wall, tomorrow it may be Darklands, my favorite songs shifting all the time with this band. They create an atmosphere full of volume, emotion and reverb that I seek in many bands. Even when playing their songs at low volume it sounds like the World's loudest band.

SIDE C | by David Tibblin

1. Air Supply | All Out Of Love

I think I heard this one in a documentary about truck drivers. It played on the radio when the driver was on the highway and I think he sang along. I've always had a soft spot for these kind of emotional ballads. This is the best one in the genre.

2. Anna Järvinen | Lilla Anna

My interpretation is that the song tells the story of a father reading his daughter (Anna) a fairy tale till she's asleep. The tale pushes them through the forest with all its beautiful dangers and eventually takes them home to safety where they can rest.

3. The Go-Betweens | Love Goes On!
I was introduced to this song by my friend Anton on my last visit to Gothenburg. Haven't been able to stop listen to it since.

4. Belle & Sebastian | Waiting For The Moon To Rise 

My favorite Pop song.

5. Alphataurus | La Mente Vola

A few years ago when I worked as a postman I listened to this song a lot. The winters were really hard and you had to move fast between the houses to avoid freezing. This song takes me right back. A mix of adrenaline, frozen hands and discipline. Still enjoyable to some degree.

6. Nobuo Uematsu | Kids Run Through The City Corner

Fitting that a song about kids becomes a nostalgic memory. It kind of doubles the wave of nostalgia.

7. At The Drive-In | Rolodex Propaganda

Learned to love this band many years ago. They seem to have something very important to say but embed it in complicated metaphors and Rock noises. Very fascinating.

8. Shin Jung Hyun And The Men | Beautiful Rivers And Mountains

Makes me think of 80s Anime soundtracks. But Anime is fiction, this song has something more real to it. Call it an aura if you will.

9. Sagittarius | Another Time
The best of the era 1969-1972 in a nutshell (released 1968).

10. Chicago | If You Leave Me Now

We might as well end the list on the same note as we started. This is one of those amazing ballads that grows stronger for every year.

SIDE D | by Henrik Nordström

1. Moses | Hollow
It was many years since I listened to this one, but for some reason I came to think of it when thinking of making a playlist. Thought it might be a good starting point, something that could fill that hollow inside. (Warning: don’t watch the video that comes with this song on YouTube, it's really banal and forces you to interpret the song in a certain way, hate it when videos, or the artists in interviews, do that).

2. Nick Drake | Time Has Told Me
When I heard this song for the first time it was hope so pure that I immediately ran off to Gitarrtorget at St. Eriksplan to buy a classical guitar. I started practicing and painfully realized that Nick had tuned his guitar differently for each song. I also realized that I couldn’t play the guitar...

3. Neutral Milk Hotel | Two-Headed Boy Pt. Two
Luckily, a lot of music that I loved comprised just a few simple, but beautiful, chords. This is the last song on one of my favorite records. I usually like to listen to whole records rather than individual songs. That is, of course, if the band put enough effort into it to make the record a whole instead of just a collection of songs.

4. Spacemen 3 | Lord Can You Hear Me?
Sometimes an individual song can outperform the record too. I’m not saying that Playing With Fire isn’t an excellent record, it is! However, this song stands out in its simpleness and the way it makes me float into the hope of religious comfort and to wake up to the brilliant relief of getting no answer.

5. Can | Thief
One of the most important things about music is that you can escape almost any hopeless situation. Take this summer for example, it was stolen by greed. I had two jobs and almost no days off. This was the soundtrack and at the end of August I got out with just a small twitch in my left eye.

6. Madrugada | Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.
I tell myself I'm going too hard, too rash, too long. But this is not the truth. There's no sign of no big breakdown, it's just these little things that keep putting me of the track. I have a notion of moving around in circles; things just keep getting worse and worse til they get all the way around and then everything turns out alright.

7. Julee Cruise | Into The Night
Falling. Floating. Music is escaping. Forgetting who I am, where I am or about those things I was supposed to do, so urgent, just a short while ago. Falling asleep to this is like listening to a blurred out episode with endless reverb.

8. Hans Appelqvist | Underbar Var Jag Ännu
However, Naima doesn’t like when I forget to confront my fears. Her knowledge just knocked me off my feet! Eventually she picked me up again and now I can’t live without her. When it comes to Hans Appelqvist it's almost pointless to listen to individual songs. This is the first time you actually feel the presence of Naima in this beautiful story of spiritual development. There is something very strange about the way she sings though.

9. The Beach Boys | All Summer Long
Here, something’s definitely not right! I love these careless summer tunes where something so obviously is buried in the back yard. I thought of this talking about my summer but it just had to wait a while.

10. The Magnetic Fields | California Girls
The connection to The Beach Boys is just too obvious but it's a fantastic song and I love the idea of just adding noise to a song and see what happens to the atmosphere of it. Well, the lyrics might also hint of just a tiny bit of insanity.

SIDE E | by Johan Granath

1. Wim Mertens | Birds For The Mind
One of my favorite directors in Cinema is Peter Greenaway. His movies always let the music play a big part, and for the movie The Belly Of An Architect it was Wim Mertens who made the film score. As in all Greenaway movies, the music is a almost kitchesque take on Classical Music, the songs often reveals melodies that seem familiar, and should be, because they are beautiful.

2. Khonnor | Megan's Present
I remember listening to this a lot when it was released, on the bus home from late parties in my home town, with drunken people screaming around me.

3. Audionom | Inside
Great Swedish band. Intense and angry: It reminds me of my days off playing guitar in a Hardcore/Post Rock band.

4. AFX | Analogue Bubble Bath
After a long day of listening to people you have no interest in, this makes everything clear again. Besides Radiohead, Aphex Twin is one of the biggest contributors for my changing taste in Music going from guitar noise to ElectronicNoise.

5. Out Hud | It's For You
I heard this track for the first time listening to a Soulwax-mixtape when I was going for a afternoon walk around my neighborhood. I got so curious about the song that I instantly turned back to my apartment and found out what artist made it. It's one of those songs that fascinate me because I would never be able to compose it myself. It's sort of walking on a thin line between nonsense Electro Pop and a very sincere love letter ending on the right side.

6. The Whitest Boy Alive | Golden Cage (Fred Falke Remix)
Melancholy on a Dance floor. Many artists have tried to capture that feeling, but never as good as Fred Falke. When he put those heavenly arpeggios and a steady House beat together with Erlend Øye's desperate vocals from the original song, he made the ultimate ending theme for any good discothèque.

7. The Tough Alliance | 1981 -
So it is obvious, I have a soft spot for arp synths. It's kind of the same feeling as in the underrated artist Enya's song Storms In Africa. This one takes me back to moments when a lot was at stake and you couldn't be any surer of what to do.

8. New Order | Temptation
I discovered New Order rather late, at least if you mean beyond the most obvious hits of theirs. This one is my favorite. It slowly grows on you, and although the song is all about monotony, you will find yourself listening to it on and on and on.

9. Lo-Fi-Fnk | Want U
Many years of playing records at nightclubs has made me listen mostly to music with the ambition to make people dance rather than anything else. And that’s not all a bad thing. You can't feel sorry with a balloon in your hand, and the same goes for this song in your stereo.

10. Logh | An Alliance Of Hearts
Most of the songs I’ve chosen are songs I’ve become fond of over the last years, but if there is a song that has been my companion for a longer time, it’s this masterpiece. When the World one day goes under, I hope it sounds like the end of this song.